This Influencer Posed With Her Stomach Out to Make an Important Point About Postpartum Bodies

Her message will make you look at your body differently.

We gush over a woman's body when she's pregnant, saying she looks like she's glowing and that her stomach is adorable. So then why do we try to erase all remnants of it postpartum? That's the question influencer Lindsay Wolf (aka ScaryMommy) is asking, and we couldn't agree more.

"Learning to love my stretched post-baby belly, rather than try to change it, became the key to my entire journey toward self-love," Wolf wrote in a recent Instagram post showing a side-by-side shot of her 36 weeks pregnant and two years postpartum.

She admitted her journey to loving her postpartum body hasn't been a walk in the park, but pushing herself to continue on that journey and fully embrace herself has inspired her to advocate for body positivity.

"The discovery–that my body was, is, and always will be beautiful, worthy, miraculous, and just as it needs to be through every phase of life–has quite literally set me free," Wolf wrote.

Don't get her wrong, she isn't saying you shouldn't exercise or work to make yourself feel good about your body postpartum. Instead, she wants you to love yourself through every part of the journey and celebrate the magic your body created.

"If you can find it deep within yourself to value, admire, and embrace the woman on the right AS MUCH as the woman on the left, you have a very special opportunity to change your entire life for the better," Wolf wrote.

She's right. You deserve self-love regardless of your appearance, and all mamas should be insanely proud of how much their bodies have accomplished. Cherish your body; it's the only one you get.

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