Mom Shares What She's Learned About Loving Her New Body One Year After Giving Birth

Here's the letter she wrote to herself to keep her self-love journey on track.

All new moms know that loving their postpartum body isn’t always easy. That's why influencer Anupa King has a message for you: Those wrinkles on your stomach are a reminder of the magical little human you brought into the world, and nothing is more beautiful than that.

King recently posted a letter to her one-year-postpartum self on Instagram. It reads: “Stop hating you for thinking you have an ugly stomach and start loving you for how absolutely stunning and beautiful you were and still are for carrying and caring for you two gorgeous little humans.”

She’s totally right, of course. New mamas are miracle workers, and their strength deserves to be celebrated.

In the letter, King urged herself to stop focusing on how hard she thinks she needs to work to “bounce back” and to quit worrying about what others might think if they see her stomach. Instead, she said it’s time to direct that energy toward staying healthy and happy in a way that makes her feel good about herself.

“Give yourself some grace (a lot) and time (a whole lot) to heal emotionally, mentally, and physically,” she wrote. “You're one tough mama and you've got this.”

Rather than harboring negative thoughts, King wrote that she needs to embrace herself for who she is today and remember how much her kids love her. “In the world of so much hate let their love nurture you back to loving you!”

It's true; we already face so much criticism from the outside world, the last thing we need is that same criticism to come from within as well. Be your own biggest fan, and recognize how beautiful you really are.

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