A mom of seven is making international headlines after performing CPR on her newborn triplet while still in labor with two other babies.


A mom of seven from Saskatchewan woman is being called a superhero after saving her newborn triplets' lives last month, all while giving birth. But she says she was just doing what anyone in her position would do.

Back on July 16, Danielle Johnston went into labor early at home. Her eldest son, 15-year-old Dillon, called an ambulance, according to the HuffPost Canada, but he was told it wouldn't be there for 45 minutes. In the meantime, Johnston's pain worsened, and then she had a strong urge to push. She delivered baby #1—a girl!—and quickly realized that her daughter, who she named Karlee, wasn't breathing. That's when Johnston gave her daughter CPR.

"I just kept doing CPR on the baby and ... meanwhile I have two more inside me and I'm fighting contractions," Johnston, who lives on a farm near Griffin, Sask., told HuffPost Canada in a phone interview.

Eventually, she was transported to Regina General Hospital where she gave birth to two boys—Jack and Liam—by C-section just after midnight, meaning that the triplets now have two different birthdays.

All three babies were stabilized and are still in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), where they're growing well and may soon be taken off their feeding tubes, Johnston said. "They're doing incredible," she said. "They're strong."

Of the moments following her triplets' births, Johnston shared, "It was kind of scary at first. They were all on oxygen and IVs. It was almost overwhelming. But the nurse said it's day by day, and they'll come off of all this. And she was absolutely right."

And reflecting on her own actions in the midst of the gasp-worthy series of events, she shared, "I don't think you have any choice. You just do it."

Perhaps that is the case, but Johnston's actions are certainly a testament to her ability to keep her cool—and her CPR skills. According to the Weyburn Review, she reportedly used the method on her daughter Kate when she was 10 months old. Kate and Johnston were buried in sand when a dune collapsed on them. "We uncovered her head and pulled her out. I got the sand out of her face and mouth, and gave her CPR, and then she started to cry. It was like a weight was lifted when I heard her crying," Johnston told the newspaper in 2010.

Props to this brave mom for keeping her cool during these stunning emergencies. In both cases, her actions may have been instinctual, but they're still inspiring.

This article originally appeared on Parents.com