Sophia Chalmers followed three simple eating rules and shed 52 pounds.


  • As told to Shaun Chavis
  • From Health magazine
  • Sophia Chalmers, 34, of New York City found her ideal weight!

The day after I delivered my son, Finn, last November, I weighed 187 pounds. I couldn’t believe I was that big! As a former competitive figure skater, I’d actually been too thin in the past: 5 feet 7 inches tall and 110 pounds. Once I got pregnant, I ballooned.



After I had Finn, I knew I had to lose weight, but I didn’t want to go back to being underweight, either. There had to be a happy middle place. I started pushing Finn in a stroller; we’d walk for hours. And because I can’t do diets—when I try them, I’m always thinking about my next meal—I relied on three simple eating rules:

  1. I ate only when I was hungry.
  2. I ate only small meals.
  3. I ate just until I wasn’t hungry anymore and didn’t get “ugh!” full.

Now, I weigh a healthy 135 pounds. And I love feeling light on my feet!








Total lost:



Timeline to Slim

  • 125 lbs-Mar 2008-Just learned I’m pregnant!
  • 187 lbs-Nov 2008-A week after delivery. My vow: Fit into my slim jeans.
  • 150 lbs-Apr 2009-150, finally! I’m on a roll.
  • 140 lbs-Jun 2009-Tracy Anderson DVDs rock—I love the results!
  • 135 lbs-Now-Total weight lost (since having Finn): 52 pounds

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