Moms who deliver via cesarean, as she did, are "badass women."

Brittany Noonan thinks all births are beautiful, and we couldn’t agree more. The fitness trainer and mom of two shared a close-up photo of her 3-month-old baby relaxing alongside her postpartum tummy. She added an inspiring message: “For however motherhood comes to you—it is a miracle.”

In the post, Noonan proudly showed off the scar and stretch marks from her cesarean birth. She wrote that she doesn’t mind if the scar never fades, saying, “I quite like the reminder of where my babies came from, it’s a very special reminder each time I look down at just how lucky I am.”

Noonan also expressed her passion for helping to empower moms who have delivered their babies via c-section, as well as moms-to-be who might be facing one in the near future. “I hope one day women everywhere don’t have to feel the need to justify their birth and can proudly say they are a C-section mama without any guilt or shame!” she wrote.

C-section moms should feel proud. The procedure means having your abdomen and uterus surgically cut open so the baby can be removed. Six weeks' recovery time is standard (that's two weeks longer than a vaginal birth), and a cesarean can carry some serious post-birth risks.

Noonan's post struck a chord with hundreds of other moms, many of whom shared their birth stories and their relationship with their post-partum bodies and scars. “I’m a c-section Mama of two boys! My scars represent how strong and beautiful my body truly is... they’re my constant reminder of our love stories,” says one commenter. Another mom wrote, “I am so grateful for c-section procedures. It saved mine and my first baby’s life.”

Added Noonan: “Whichever way you birth, you are a legend and I can assure you your baby will only care that both you and them were safe and well!”

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