Mindy Kaling Just Posted the Most Relatable Breastfeeding Photo

As a nursing mom, Kaling is more hilarious than ever.

Life as a working new mom comes with challenges. If you're Mindy Kaling, you deal with them by finding the humor in weird and awkward moments—like having to take a time-out from a press junket to wrangle a breast pump.

This weekend, the show creator and mom to 2-month-old Katherine Swati Kaling posted two Instagram stories while she promoted her upcoming film A Wrinkle In Time. Between hanging with her costars Reese and Oprah, she spent some solo time pumping milk, something most working mothers can relate to.

"The loneliest breast pump," she captioned the post, adding, "That all day press junket new mom life."


Kaling also shed light on how mysterious a breast pump is. The following day, she reached out to the Twitterverse to share her befuddlement about a particular part of the device.

"What are you?" she asked, holding out a plastic object. "Breast pump part mysteries."


And while she hasn't posted any photos of her little one, Kaling has shared previous stories of her breastfeeding adventures. Leave it to Kaling to be so honest about her late-night entertainment as a nursing mom.

"There's an owl hooting outside my window," she tweeted earlier this month. "It's not a hoot by the way, it's a 'hoo'. These are the kind of hilarious, middle-of-the-night observations you can expect from me now. #nursing."

"Damn this owl is so chatty, who the hell is he talking to. He's like blah blah blah blah," she continued tweeting.

Just two weeks into motherhood, Kaling tweeted her appreciation for Moonlight director Barry Jenkins and his commentary on the rom-com Notting Hill.

"For the record I am reading Barry Jenkins tweets while feeding my child at 3:30 in the morning," she tweeted in early January. "The man has given us creative treasures in many forms."

From tweeting in the wee hours to sharing her puzzlement over breast pumps, Kaling has gifted us with real, honest moments about motherhood—and why moms need a break from it now and then. On February 17, she posted a photo of herself with the caption, "No makeup no filter mom night out."

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