What Happened When We Asked 7 Dudes to Explain the Placenta

The results were, well, entertaining.

We love spreading the word about all things women's health, which is one reason why we've been inviting men into our video studios to answer questions about pertinent topics like birth control, the g-spot, and what exactly "ob-gyn" stands for. As you can imagine, the results have been, well, entertaining. In this video, we question seven dudes on their placenta knowledge. You have to see what happens.

First, we asked our cast to explain what the placenta even is. The guys' guesses included the first stage of pregnancy, "the little sac that keeps the baby separate" (we think he meant the amniotic sac), and the lining of the uterus.

"I'm guessing it's something the baby gets its nutrition from," replied another member of our man panel. "You can eat it!" He isn't entirely wrong about that.

To set the record straight, the placenta is an organ that develops inside the uterus during pregnancy. The organ offers oxygen and nutrients to the fetus and also helps to rid the baby's blood of toxins. In most women, the placenta attaches to the top or the side of the uterus.

In a normal vaginal birth, the placenta is released through the vagina. In C-sections, the placenta is simply removed by the doctor during the procedure.

Some women eat the placenta post-birth. Why? Proponents say eating the nutrient- and hormone-rich organ improves lactation and boosts mood, among other health benefits. But eating the placenta isn't actually recommended, especially because there is minimal research to back up any of these claims.

As one of our awesome male contributors astutely explains, "You don't eat it, like, for fun. [It's not] like I'm going to go to the grocery store and I'm going to make broccoli and...placenta." We couldn't have said it better ourselves.

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