Julie Bhosale is embracing her "lumps, bumps, marks and jiggly bits."

Credit: Courtesy of MIMIchatter.com

We live in a world where the "post-baby body" is idealized as a comeback—signaling the weight that women gain and the physical changes that happen to their bodies during pregnancy are to be exercised away. But New Zealand mom and nutritionist, Julie Bhosale, wanted to share her unfiltered post-baby body experience after giving birth to her second child, and encourage fellow moms to embrace their imperfections.

Bhosale told BuzzFeed News that after her first birth, she felt an immense pressure to "bounce back" and struggled with changes to her body. Her confidence was rocked.

"I thought if I feel like this, with my knowledge of nutrition and how the body works, then imagine what other women must feel like?" she told BuzzFeed.

This time around, she's taking a body positive route. On her blog, she posted photos of her stomach up to 14 weeks postpartum while holding her newborn. They're beautiful.

Photo: Courtesy of MIMI/ The New Mum's Nutritionist

"I am a mother. I am tired, broken and sore. I have lumps, bumps, marks and jiggly bits," she begins the post, where she also discusses the media's obsession with celebrity moms whose bodies "bounce back" quickly after childbirth, like Kate Middleton's. She says this is a small minority, and that the process "is scary, it is hard, it can be down right disgusting and upsetting but it is real and normal."

Bhosale started her blog after feeling inspired by the #TakeBackPostPartum movement, a community of diverse moms who share images of themselves following childbirth. Seeing those unabashed, body-confident mothers helped her squash the negativity she previously felt about her own body.

On her blog, Bhosale documents her thoughts at the different week marks, proudly calling out her "watermelon belly," stretch marks, and "granny style undies." We all know granny panties are the best.

"You may not look like the next Victoria's Secret Underwear model, but focus on how you feel. Be kind to yourself and your body, you will look like how you are meant to when you feel good. It may take some time," she writes.

What a hero mom.