The actress detailed what an epidural is REALLY like during a visit to "The Ellen Show" yesterday.
Kristen Bell in Pink Dress
Credit: Getty Images

Anyone who's had a procedure requiring anesthesia can tell you that coming down from the drugs can be an interesting experience—remember David After Dentist? Well, Kristen Bell was on The Ellen Show yesterday detailing a hilarious brush with post-surgical loopiness of her own.

“As someone who has never experimented with drugs, I really enjoyed it,” the Frozen actress said about the epidural she got for a December c-section. “While they were doing it, I actually thought, ‘What else could we get done down there?’ …Anything to keep the epidural flowing,” she continued.

Last month, Bell's husband Dax Shepard shared with Ellen DeGeneres how traumatic it was to watch doctors pull out the couple's second daughter, Delta, in the emergency procedure. (“He’s very dramatic,” according to Bell.)

But a few hours after, she says she was scratching her face "like a meth addict." Itchiness, it turns out, is a common side effect of epidurals. The nurse gave her Benadryl to calm the discomfort and help her pass out (she did just go through an “intense” 33-hour delivery, after all.) But that's the exact opposite of what happened.

"What a cocktail!" Bell said. “I grabbed my phone...Do you know what looks really good when you’re on that stuff? Hand bags. Or throw pillows or rugs. I was just like, ‘Internet shopping, woo!’”

Luckily, she didn’t come home from the hospital to a mountain of online purchases. “Thank God I didn’t remember my credit card number. So nothing bad happened, but…honestly, a picture of a throw pillow was as mind-blowing as seeing The Matrix for the first time. That’s how I felt.”

It's too bad they didn't catch it on video because it sounds like this will be a one-time epidural trip for the Frozen actress. Between baby Delta, now seven weeks, and big sister Lincoln, 22 months, Bell said she and Shepard aren’t planning for more kids. “We don’t want to be outnumbered,” she explained. “We’re gonna cap it at two.”