This Mom Stripped Down to Her Underwear to Shut Down Negative Comments About Her Body

She isn't afraid to stand up to Instagram trolls.

Do you ever look at posts from your favorite influencers and think, Why do they do it? Why do they share their lives with so many people online? Sure, some might be in it for the popularity or free products they're asked to promote. But others have deeper reasons for making themselves so vulnerable, and @confidentiallykatie is one of them.

In a recent post, Katie explained that for the most part, she hasn't had many run-ins with Instagram trolls, and that's made her feel really lucky. But her luck changed recently when she got some nasty comments on a post, and she started to question herself, Why do I really do this anyway?

"Emotionally, it’s a release. It’s totally therapeutic for me," she wrote. "I love to write, and while it’s super vulnerable to share so much with so many, it doesn’t really feel that way while I’m in it."

Don't get her wrong, she said it's still a bit scary when she actually hits "share." But she's learned the scary things in life are usually the most important. If what she's nervous about posting could help other people, she's happy to face the fear.

But that's not the only reason she posts. "I think there’s so much beauty in the female body, in its natural form," she wrote. "In both the extra skin, love handles and stretch marks, as much as the defined arms, strong hamstrings and clear cut abs. I think it’s all beautiful, and more than that, it’s powerful."

If you look at Katie's account, you'll see she's not afraid of sharing photos of her body in the buff. She posts before-and-after fitness shots, as well as both pregnancy and postpartum pics. She's not holding anything back.

"It’s SO powerful to me that women are OWNING their bodies, and loving on them, and sharing them without shame but with PRIDE," she wrote. "Sharing pride for having lost the weight, and pride for having embraced the weight."

Katie is shamelessly sharing photos of her body to inspire you to love yours. You have every right to be proud of the skin you live in, and like she said, there's unparalleled power in owning who you are.

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