"The wrinkles, the scars, the stretch marks, and extra skin—it is never going away."

By Samantha Lauriello
Updated December 06, 2018

If you had the option to get rid of your postpartum stretch marks, would you do it? Influencer Desiree Fortin was given that choice, and it wasn’t a hard decision for her. She chose to keep her stomach just the way it is—stretch marks, wrinkles, and all.

“Several months ago I was given an opportunity from the TV show, The Doctors, to have a non-invasive tummy tuck. They called me ‘the perfect candidate.’ To be honest, I have never once considered a tummy tuck, not because I don’t support them but because I do my best to love my body for what is now. I declined the offer twice and had to follow my heart,” Fortin wrote in a recent Instagram post alongside a photo of her postpartum stomach.

Don’t get her wrong, learning to love her new body hasn’t been easy. She’s worked hard to feel comfortable in her own skin.

“Here I am, 3+ years postpartum. The wrinkles, the scars, the stretch marks, and extra skin—it is never going away and yet, with much intention, I can proudly and confidently say how beautiful my body is,” Fortin wrote.

She calls the marks on her stomach her “hope wounds” and believes they’re the roadmap to her self-love journey. “It’s all about perspective. My journey has required daily affirmation of self-love and in doing so I have been able to really transform my mind to see and appreciate the beauty of the wrinkles, scars, and extra skin.”

Fortin also reminds us that every mama has a different story behind her scars. “Our bodies change drastically after giving birth and while some bounce back, others don’t. While some have not a single stretch mark, others do, everywhere. While some have a C-section scar, others don’t. Whatever your story is, I encourage you to LOVE the new you!!”

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