Try not to die over the cuteness.

By Julia Naftulin
December 19, 2017

Lately, pregnant women have been criticized for having baby bumps that are too big, too small, or just plain not right. And to those comments we say enough. Fitness level, body shape, and many other factors can play a role in the size of an expecting mother's middle, not that it should be anyone's business except the mom-to-be herself.

Now a recent post about a woman's bump is going viral—but this time, it's for the best reasons. When Gala Caldirol, a Spanish model, took to Instagram to share photographs of her pregnant belly, the Internet couldn't help but notice her bump's adorable shape: a heart. (If you're not smiling right now, what is wrong with you?)

In Spanish, Caldirola explained that her doctor told her early on that she has a heart-shaped uterus. As her bump grew, the outline of the heart became more apparent. "This is a beautiful curiosity!" she said of her belly. "Probably not the only one in the world but it is the first time I see it and I would love to know if someone else had seen it!"

Turns out, there's actually a term for a heart-shaped uterus. A bicornuate uterus has two "horns" that stick out and resemble a heart. Only 3% of women have a uterus like Caldirola's, which could explain why the internet (us included!) is freaking out over her bump shape.