Freida Pinto Calls Her Postpartum Journey an 'Intense and Wild' Ride

"Every mama will have a different journey, but every one of us will have some hill to climb," the new mom wrote on Instagram. 

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Actress Freida Pinto announced in late November that she had welcomed her first child, son Rumi-Ray. And in a new Instagram post, she's now offering a little glimpse into what the postpartum period has been like for her.

"The postpartum journey has been one of the most intense and wild rides I have ever been on," the 37-year-old Slumdog Millionaire star wrote in the caption of a photo of herself cuddling with Rumi-Ray. "It felt like the months being pregnant and even childbirth were little appetizers to this grand main course. Preparation was so key to this life-altering phase of mothering and I feel so proud, relieved, and blessed to have walked into it with knowledge, research, and support."

Partnering for Postpartum Care

Pinto, who later shared that she has partnered with postpartum recovery plan company Anya, then listed off what it means to be prepared for this phase of life.

"It certainly doesn't mean you won't feel sad, lonely, frustrated, and helpless at times," she wrote. "Or that you will be wonderfully rested and have no sleep deprivation, or that you won't snap at your well-intentioned partner and break down in tears, or that your nipples won't be sore and that for some of us our toes will curl every time our little baby birds open up their sweet mouths to latch."

She also listed off milk supply concerns, worries about judgment over using baby formula, a change in the way your vagina feels, and issues with energy levels as other potential issues.

"The preparedness is more so to know how best to tackle all of this and to not feel abandoned by a health care system that focuses so much on your pregnancy and birth and somehow disappears when you are most vulnerable and in the most challenging phase of your life," Pinto said. "To know that every mama will have a different journey but every one of us will have some hill to climb. And that most importantly it REALLY DOES GET BETTER and we learn so much about ourselves and gosh we can truly acknowledge and celebrate the goddesses that we are!"

As part of her partnership with Anya, Pinto said that she is looking forward to "joining in the effort to normalize conversations about the challenges and changes brought on during the postpartum period. Changes that need to be better understood, accepted, and not shamed. And challenges that can be managed so much better with just a little extra help."

She ended on this note: "My mission is to make this sacred period less about the suffering and more about acceptance, self love and growth. And to bring some much required peace to this healing period. 🙏"

People cheered Pinto on in the comments. "I am going through the exact same thing right now. It's been challenging to say the least. People don't speak much of this 'fourth trimester.' Thanks for your post," one person said. Another said that Pinto's post was "beautifully written," adding that it's "so important to use your platform to create empathy for the moms misunderstood and to educate and normalize this period for non moms and the not yet moms ❤️🔥🔥."

The Importance of a Caring Partner

Pinto announced the birth of Rumi-Ray on November 21 in a sweet birthday Instagram tribute to her husband, Cory Tran.

"I celebrate you my husband, friend, and partner in life," she wrote alongside a photo of Tran holding Rumi-Ray. "To see you become not just a dad but Super-Dad makes me so emotional and fills me with joy. It also gives this sleep deprived Mama a break and you have no idea how much I appreciate that! I am so grateful and in love with how we do life together. Love you madly. Rumi-Ray you are one lucky boy!"

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