No, the fitness star didn't 'bounce back.'


Life postpartum is anything but easy. Between changing diapers, nursing a crying infant, and driving to doctor appointments, you’re somehow supposed to find time to get your pre-pregnancy body size and weight back.

If you’ve ever thought someone made that look easy on social media, Emily Skye has a message for you: It’s not.

In an August 12 Instagram post, Skye took on critics who left comments saying that she got back in shape “too fast” after giving birth to her daughter, Mia. “It’s not the case,” she wrote, “it’s been 7.5 months and while I’m happy with myself, I am nowhere near as fit, strong or lean as I used to be and I didn’t ‘bounce back.’”

Skye went on to say that being a fitness professional doesn’t mean she was automatically on the fast track to returning to her pre-baby shape. She's had to put in the work—just like everyone else.

“Even though I’d been exercising for about a decade before falling pregnant it has still been tough for me to get my fitness back,” she wrote. “I’m getting stronger all the time though!”

She admitted that just a few weeks ago, she couldn’t do even one pushup correctly. But now, she’s back to being able to knock out 20 in a row. “It feels so good getting strong again,” Skye wrote. “I feel on top of the world!”

Though she’s happy with her body, she said she still has fitness goals like the rest of us, such as gaining muscle and building explosive strength. “Remember to be patient while working on your goals,” Skye wrote. “It takes time and dedication, but you can do it!”