Back off, she literally grew a human inside of her.

The Internet can be a cold, cold world, friends, and all the sexist, super critical comments that fly around on social media call for women to stick together. That's what happened recently: After a troll body shamed Emily Skye’s post-pregnancy stomach, one loyal Instagrammer came rushing to her defense.

“Absolutely disgusted when a man body shamed @emilyskyefit and told her that her stomach was still wrinkly and loose,” influencer Angelica Tapia wrote on her story. “Men, we grow human beings and give birth. Yes our stomach will sometimes be loose/wrinkled after growing a baby!”


Let’s get one thing straight: Saying a woman's body is different after pregnancy—when she, uh, incubates an entire new human inside of her—is a massive understatement. Sure, some body areas and functions return to normal following the delivery, but other changes may be permanent, and no new mom is immune to this.

Stretch marks and loose belly skin show up on the bodies of most women after popping out a baby; other changes, such as hair loss and swollen fingers, are less common. But all these changes are the result of welcoming a little one into the world, and hello, that brings enough beauty to last a lifetime.

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