Emily Skye's 19-Week Bump Photo Shows How Different Her Belly Looks During Her 2 Pregnancies

"Every pregnancy is different," she captioned her side-by-side photos.

Ask anyone who's given birth to more than one kid, and they'll probably be able to relate to a certain amount of bump inspection—and not from their ob-gyn. It's a strange phenomenon, but when you're pregnant, people get a little obsessed with your bump size. It's really big, it's really small, it's really high, or it's really low. Truth be told, it can be a bit of a drag.

In an ideal world, the only person qualified to pass judgment on baby belly size is the mom-to-be. That's exactly what Australian fitness model and personal trainer Emily Skye does in a recent Instagram post. (Yes, of course she's inviting public opinion, but the point is that she's in charge of this particular discussion,)

In side-by-side pics of Skye's previous and current pregnancies, the difference in belly size at the 19-week stage is obvious. In the caption, Skye urges her followers not to make comparisons with other baby bellies.

"EVERY PREGNANCY IS DIFFERENT!!" she wrote. "Just like our bodies, lives, fitness journeys etc.. we are all different and comparing is pointless unless it's just for fun or out of curiosity - just don't let it steal your joy! (sic)"

Skye also reveals that she doesn't "feel great when pregnant," but said what's really important is that she and her baby are healthy. "The size of my belly doesn't matter," she wrote.

She ended her caption on an inspirational note: "I have to say how AMAZING is the female body!! Us women rock don't we!! ???"

Skye welcomed her first baby, daughter Mia Elise Redmond, in December 2017. At the 19-week stage of that pregnancy, her belly was much smaller than it is now. You can even see some abs. But she looks equally fit, healthy, and happy with her current, larger baby bump.

It's not unusual for women to notice bigger baby bellies in their second pregnancy, which could be simply due to the fact that the stomach muscles have already been stretched out before. But it's not a guarantee, and if your second baby belly is smaller than your first was at the same stage, it doesn't mean something is wrong.

Possible causes? Aside from weaker abdominal muscles due to the strain of earlier pregnancies, the fetus may be in a position other than head down, you might have high levels of amniotic fluid, or maybe you (and your care provider) just have the dates wrong, Patricia A. Evans, NP, CNM, nurse practitioner and certified nurse midwife at MemorialCare Medical Group and MemorialCare Orange Coast Medical Center in Fountain Valley, California, tells Health.

"If your OB provider feels the baby is measuring too large, an ultrasound may be ordered to estimate your baby's weight," says Evans. "But the majority of the time, your baby just may be on the bigger side—still healthy and normal."

Always speak to your ob-gyn if you have any concerns, but remember Skye's wise words: every pregnancy is different.

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