This mother of five has a message for all new mamas.


Social media can make it seem like new moms are returning to their pre-pregnancy bodies almost overnight, but hello, that's crazy unrealistic. Growing a human inside of you is no small feat, and your body has to recover on its own time. Influencer and mother of five Desiree Fortin knows that, and she's damn proud of her body, stomach wrinkles and all.

"I was congratulated on my 'baby bump' several times until I was nearly 2 years postpartum. 2 YEARS!!! Those 'congratulations' on a bump that was merely a post baby pooch didn’t make me feel good," Fortin recently wrote on Instagram alongside a photo of her postpartum stomach wrinkes.

She went on to say, “I know the journey to love your new body isn’t easy. It is a journey that requires grace and new perspective. It requires time, self-love, and daily affirmations.”

She's right, self-love doesn't come easily, but we owe it to our bodies to work for it. "Our bodies deserve to be loved and respected. We owe that to ourselves, as mamas and women," she wrote.

This isn't the first time Fortin has been candid with her followers. She regularly posts about what it really means to be a mom, not just the "Instagrammable" moments. "Motherhood is so hard. And if I have learned anything by sharing the not so pretty days I have with my kids, it is that being vulnerable connects us as human beings, as Mothers," she wrote in a recent post.

Instagram is too often used as a highlight reel, and Fortin is changing that.

Fortin's photos show her strength and vulnerability, both of which are equally Instagrammable, if you ask us. "I accidentally snapped this pic and I’m glad I did because it gives me the opportunity to write about how hard Motherhood is and share raw moments of anxiety," she wrote. "Moments that initially I wasn’t gong to share with you, but then, the vulnerable part of me knew, I had to."