Be warned, your ovaries might start hurting.

There's nothing as precious as meeting your baby for the first time. But while most new moms welcome their little one into the world in a brightly lit hospital room surrounded by medical staff in scrubs, former Bachelor contestant Bekah Martinez opted to give birth earlier this month in a tub of water, with a handful of people watching the miraculous event in sheer amazement.

For those who aren't part of the long-running reality hit's cult following, Martinez appeared on the show last year, vying for the affection of professional race car driver Arie Luyendyk Jr. Though she was a fan favorite, she exited the mansion after placing fifth for Luyendyk’s heart (due to their 14-year age difference, he said).


With all that Bachelor drama behind her, it looks like everything worked out for Martinez—as she appears to be very happy with boyfriend and baby daddy Grayston Leonard. (He's the guy in the white T-shirt with the proud-papa smile watching Martinez cuddle their newborn.)

“On the morning of February 2nd, our little girl joined us earth-side and we will never be the same. We are all as healthy and happy as can be,” Martinez captioned her sweet post. The stunning black and white photo was captured by birth photographer Lauren Guilford at the Natural Birth Center & Women’s Wellness in Los Angeles.

While Martinez didn't say why she chose a water birth for her firstborn, having a baby this way has become more popular in recent years. Research suggests being submerged in water helps ease contractions and improves blood circulation, reducing pain for the mother and increasing oxygen flow to her baby. (A water birth should always be under the supervision of a professional midwife or ob-gyn.)

Following her delivery, Martinez has said that she's suffering from postpartum depression, a condition approximately 15% of new mothers experience. She's been open about her struggles on social media and said that finding a supportive community of moms has been a big help.