Here's why the rosy-cheeked cherub's been trapped in a jar.

What’s cuter than a squishy, rosy-cheeked baby? A squishy, rosy-cheeked baby squeezed into this bizarre x-ray machine!

The image—which no, isn’t Photoshopped—popped up on Reddit earlier this week, and quickly spread around the Internet, with people questioning what was going on and whether this kiddo was safe.

As it turns out, the cherubic baby is in the oddly-named Pigg-O-Stat device, which securely holds a child in place during X-rays to minimize their squirming so technicians can get the image they need the first time rather than exposing a baby to continued radiation over multiple tries. (The child's legs are dangling below him, out of frame.)

The Pigg-O-Stat has actually been in use since 1960, though not universally, and numerous commenters who saw the photo on Imgur confirmed that their own infants have had to wedge into the tube-like device, and were shocked at this lil' goober’s calm and cool attitude during the process. One commenter noted: “Had a scare last year, can confirm: babies do not like this contraption.” From another: “My daughter lost her mind when she had to have a chest xray in one of those. I think I cried more than she did.”

While the results of said x-ray were not posted, hopefully they showed that this sweet chubster is totally fine, and will live a long life filled with endless good-natured ribbing about having been a real-life, Internet-famous test-tube baby.