Enter our Sex-Ed Guys. Get ready to LOL.

Through some pretty hilarious panel discussions, we’ve discovered that some guys totally struggle when it comes to the subject of women’s health. And we can’t blame them entirely. From periods and birth control pills to pregnancy and childbirth, there are a lot of things that they’ll never experience firsthand.

But that doesn’t mean guys should be completely in the dark, right? We’ve been recruiting a panel of men to our video studio for some laughs, but also to educate them in all things w-o-m-a-n. In the video above, we asked our sex-ed guys to explain prenatal vitamins, and we can safely say that, well, we’ve stumped them.

When asked to define prenatal vitamins, our guys gave us answers across the board. From omega-3 fatty acids to calcium to vitamin Special K (wait, what?), they were pretty clueless. Some of the guys did guess vitamin D, which is completely right, but when asked why prenatal vitamins have it, they fell short. “No windows,” one panelist said, assuming the baby needs vitamin D because there’s no sunlight inside a mother’s stomach–and we are barely keeping it together over here.

So what are prenatal vitamins, anyway? They’re used to fill nutritional gaps in a woman’s diet and help support a baby’s growth and development. The four most common are folic acid, calcium, vitamin D, and iron. Folic acid helps prevent serious abnormalities of the developing fetus’s brain and spinal cord, while iron helps pregnant women stave off anemia.

If you’re trying to conceive, doctors actually recommend taking prenatal vitamins before you get pregnant. However, every mom-to-be’s needs are different, so speak to your doctor about what prenatal vitamins are best for you.