Ashley Graham's Stretch Marks Are on Full Display in Naked Postpartum Selfie

Her after-pregnancy body positivity is so inspiring.

When it comes to body positivity, Ashley Graham is our girl. From eating Cheetos in a bikini to posing nude for her fans, Graham is self-love goals. Ever since giving birth to her first child, son Issac Menelik Giovanni Ervin on January 18, she's gone one step further in her mission to encourage body positivity. Now, the new mom is using her platform to share her postpartum experiences and all the body changes that come with it. And it's seriously inspiring.

On February 17, Graham took to Instagram to share a close-up shot of the stretch marks on her stomach. Graham's caption for the intimate photo was short and sweet: "same me. few new stories." But her followers—including a pregnant celeb—made up for her few words by adding plenty of comments about their own experiences with post-pregnancy body changes.

Model Iskra Lawrence, who is expecting, commented on Graham's post. "Beautiful? love seeing this! I've got none on my tummy yet but getting some new tiger stripes on my hips and booty," she wrote.

Others praised Graham for her honesty. "As a husband of 3 beautiful children and wife that went through all of this for us...this is so beautiful. Women need to see this. Salute to all of you," one commenter added.

Graham's postpartum pics didn't stop there. Over the weekend, Graham shared a shot of herself in a Brooklyn restaurant, sipping from a teacup while breastfeeding her son.

"Ah, I love this," one woman wrote. "Love seeing other women breastfeeding in public because it helps me feel more confident doing it even though I've been exclusively breastfeeding over 4 months now? still, get embarrassed."

Another user commented, "Anytime, anyplace, baby's gotta eat. Thank you!" Amen to that.

It's clear that Graham's transparency throughout her motherhood journey has helped her followers feel more confident and know what to expect from postpartum life. It's only been a month since Graham gave birth, so hopefully we'll get to see even more empowering posts as her son grows.

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