Ashley Graham Poses Pregnant in a Bikini to Share a 'Whole New Appreciation' for Her Body

The supermodel celebrates her pregnancy while modeling swimsuits from her size-inclusive collection.

We can always rely on Ashley Graham to keep it real.

The supermodel, due to give birth to her first baby with husband Justin Ervin later this month, just posted an Instagram video of herself in a string bikini, revealing how excited she was to get her hands (and mouth) on her beach snack of choice: an In-N-Out burger with cheese, lettuce, and tomato.

The bikini post—and a longer, behind the scenes clip on YouTube—were not actually about burgers, however. Both were posted to social media to promote Graham’s new size-exclusive collection for the swimsuit brand Swimsuits For All, and to give Graham the chance to celebrate her pregnant body.

In the Instagram video caption, Graham revealed that being pregnant has given her “a whole new appreciation” for her body, and that she channeled this into her latest collection. “The real test when we were designing this line was that none of these are maternity suits!!” she wrote. “All I had to do was size up and they are still supportive and have an amazing fit.”

The post attracted thousands of positive comments, with many women relating to Graham’s healthy attitude towards eating during pregnancy.

"Something I didn’t expect was I had the healthiest relationship with food that i have ever had while pregnant! I could eat three real meals a day and some snacks,” wrote one. “Prior to and nowadays it’s hard for me to eat ‘right’!"

“Omg yesss!!!” wrote another follower. “I've always been plus size and have never had such confidence and love for my body as I have being pregnant!!!”

Pregnant or not, the healthiest relationship you can have with food is one that lets you enjoy a burger—or whatever your personal favorite food is.

“I feel like we all have complicated relationships with our body,” she recently told Grazia. “Mine has been changing in some new and interesting ways. It hasn’t been easy to embrace my pregnant body, but it’s definitely a reminder of how awesome our bodies truly are.”

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