This candid photo captures the moment.

When Ashley Faldmo first started showing signs of labor on the morning of April 8th, she was already 13 days past her due date. But Faldmo, already a mother of two, wasn't surprised—she'd delivered her first two babies two weeks late as well.

In an Instagram post on her private account, Faldmo described the surprising birth story of her third child, a daughter named Collins Grace, who she ultimately gave birth to on the kitchen floor of her home. "I woke to what I considered 'only cramping' and insisted Chase [Faldmo's husband] leave for work since my water hadn't broken (and had hours before any signs of labor with the previous two)," Faldmo wrote. For her first child, the labor and delivery process had been 16 hours; for her second, four-and-a-half. She didn’t think her husband would miss anything by reporting to work for a few hours.

But this time, the labor process went very differently than it had in the past. “My contractions sped up really quickly within an hour,” Faldmo tells Health. “I called my husband telling him to come home quickly.” While she was on the phone with him, her water broke, and she told him to call 911. “Just after saying that, I dropped the phone and hit the floor.”

Ashley Faldmo

First responders arrived soon after Faldmo's husband called 911. "Thankfully the fire station is just next door to our neighborhood. We heard sirens [in] less than a minute," Faldmo says. Because she was home alone with her daughters, Faldmo asked one of them to let the first responders in through the garage, knowing that there was a child protective lock on her front door.

When the paramedics arrived, they immediately gave Faldmo oxygen, which made her feel more comfortable. But within minutes, she started to push, after one of the paramedics told her "this baby's coming right away."

"Five minutes later Chase ran through the door cheering me on like the ultimate cheerleader he is," Faldmo wrote. "Seven minutes and four pushes later, Collins was born."

The speed with which this labor and delivery process took place blew Faldmo away. “They say with each kid it gets a little faster, [but] I was not expecting it to be this fast at all," she says, adding how thankful she is that she and Collins stayed safe and healthy throughout the delivery.

Faldmo says she's thankful for the timing of the first responders who helped her give birth in her home when they realized how quickly the baby was coming. "These people have made an imprint on my heart I can't describe with words, but can say the peace they brought to our home in a traumatic situation was unreal," Faldmo wrote. "The gratitude I have for this day is unforgettable."

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