Pregnancy, Explained

A healthy pregnancy starts long before you actually become pregnant. If you're thinking about having a baby, see your doctor about prenatal nutrition (which often includes taking folic acid supplements), quitting smoking, and other healthy lifestyle changes.

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I Had Symptoms of Preeclampsia During My Pregnancy—but My Ob-Gyn Kept Shaming Me for My Weight Gain

My doctor was so focused on the 52 pounds I'd gained by my third trimester, she missed a pregnancy disorder that could have killed me and my unborn child.
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I'm Pregnant in a Coronavirus Containment Zone And Here's What My Life is Like

My family and I moved to New Rochelle just before it turned into a containment zone because of the coronavirus. I've lived in fear of any of us testing positive. And now, less than a month before my due date, I'm also scared my husband won't be by my side as I give birth.
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Laura Prepon Reveals Heartbreaking Decision She Made to Terminate Her Second Pregnancy

"I feel in order to have a real conversation about motherhood, you need to share truths and talk about what's really going on," the star says.
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Ashley Graham's Latest Breastfeeding Pic Is a Tribute to Multitasking New Moms Everywhere

She's nursing her baby in bed while using her phone...just like so many other new mamas.