Shoppers Love These Whitening Strips for Sensitive Mouths

Experiencing tooth and gum pain while brightening your smile will be a thing of the past.
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The old adage "beauty is pain" may have not been talking about teeth whitening strips, but it certainly applies. While the right strips can be instant confidence boosters, the sensitivity that can come with them often isn't worth it. Fortunately, more than 6,400 Amazon shoppers have found a particular set of sensitive teeth whitening strips that deserve a spot in your oral care lineup, since they keep your pearly whites looking their best sans pain and discomfort.

If you suffer from sensitive teeth or gums, the Zimba Teeth Whitening Strips feature a gentle yet effective formula that's made with nourishing coconut oil and brightening hydrogen peroxide. It doesn't contain harsher bleaching agents, which can cause discomfort and even damage your enamel, but rather reduces the sharp zinging pain that you may be used to with traditional whitening strips. And according to reviewers, they really work.

Credit: Amazon

Why are some people more susceptible to tooth sensitivity? As the Oral Health Foundation explains, tooth sensitivity can come from a variety of factors, including brushing too hard, receding gums, tooth grinding, and—you guessed it—at-home bleaching. The parts where your enamel is more worn down are often subject to more pain, according to the site, and whitening products can exacerbate the discomfort if they're not catered to sensitive teeth.

Zimba's whitening strips are a hit with shoppers with sensitive mouths, in particular—evident by the thousands of glowing reviews. "These work—and even more surprising is they are 100% as advertised and do not cause sensitivity," wrote a fan. "I have used Crest white strips one time and they caused me so much pain I was very leery, but given I drink a ton of coffee, I decided to give these a try. I am getting compliments because of how well they work."

Some even compared the brand's version to a particular longstanding fan favorite. "These are WAY better than Crest whitening strips," explained one shopper. "They have no bleach, and I experienced ZERO sensitivity. They whitened my teeth substantially after the very first usage."

And others commented on how quickly the whitening strips worked to remove difficult stains."I drink coffee every day and drink red wine three or four days a week, so my teeth, even after a cleaning at my dentist's office, still looked dull white," wrote one reviewer who noticed a difference after three days. "No reaction inside my mouth from the strips, only the joy of seeing my teeth get whiter."

In addition to sensitivity, another common concern with teeth whitening strips is the taste. It's a miserable process when you're stuck with foul-tasting strips on your teeth for up to an hour. But as shoppers noted, this is not an issue with Zimba. "If you want the most glorious pearly whites to charm and bedazzle everyone from your boyfriend to your Aunt Annie to the cashier at the gas station, this is what you need to buy," explained a reviewer. "They also have a pleasant taste and no weird aftertaste like other brands."

Picky users will be happy to know that you're not limited to the typical mint flavor. Zimba has a handful of mint options (spearmint, peppermint, wintergreen), but also stocks delicious flavors like cinnamon, peach, and coconut, which are ideal for anyone who has a mint allergy or dislikes the taste.

For a brighter smile sans the sharp pain that normally comes with whitening products, it's worth stocking your bathroom cabinet with Zimba's $25 sensitive whitening strips—and just prepare yourself for everyone complimenting you on your pearly whites.

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