Here's What Dentists Say About People Super-Gluing Fake Vampire Fangs to Their Teeth

Halloween may be scary, but this TikTok trend is scarier.

Just when you thought TikTok trends couldn't get any wilder, there's a new one that might top all the others: People are using adhesives like nail glue and super glue to glue plastic vampire fangs to their actual teeth—and to no surprise, they then find themselves struggling to remove them. Our expert explains how this practice can damage your teeth.

Gluing On Fake Fangs

TikToker @emptyecho420 revealed that their "vampire fangs" were actually fake nails applied to their teeth with glue. Other users took to the idea and tried it on their own teeth. TikTok user @the_rorlax mentioned in a video that he spent three hours trying to remove the fake teeth with nail polish remover (which is not recommended), almost pulling his teeth out in the process.

User @muawk, who applied the teeth using nail adhesive for a makeup look, also visibly struggles to remove the teeth on video. After attempting to brush and floss the teeth away, they eventually fell off, leaving behind a gluey residue in the process.

Gluing fangs onto your teeth might sound like a cool vampire look during the Halloween season, but as you can imagine, it's not exactly safe.

Damaging To Teeth

"I would never advise any of my patients to super-glue anything onto their teeth or to place super glue anywhere near your mouth," Vanessa Creaven, DMD, cofounder of Spotlight Oral Care, tells Health. "Super glue has in itself toxic additives, which when placed near the gum tissue can cause gingival inflammation; placed onto the tooth [can lead to] needing root canal treatment."

Jennifer Haddad, DDS, a cosmetic dentist based in California, tells Health that this trend can change the way a person's teeth function if the fangs are placed incorrectly."Your bite can be affected and you could potentially damage neighboring teeth," says Dr. Haddad. "Most importantly, you are harming the enamel and could potentially fracture your tooth as well."

For a safer alternative to super glue, user @j9homiemakeup applies DIY vampire fangs with denture cream adhesive made for false teeth. "You can also use [orthodontic] wax," Dr. Z. Mackie, a Detroit-based dentist, and TikTok user mentions in a video, also recommending denture cream as well. "It's not gonna stay on the whole time, but it's good for pictures," says Dr. Mackie.

Determined to get this look? Instead of doing it yourself, go with a pro. "Please consult a dentist that can help you safely place and remove any teeth accessories for your Halloween costume to prevent any damage that you may cause to your teeth," advises Dr. Haddad.

If you ended up applying super glue or nail adhesive to your teeth, do not attempt to pull the fake teeth off yourself—head to a dental professional immediately.

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