Power washing your teeth is faster and easier than ever. For a 60-second DIY deep clean, try Philips Sonicare AirFloss—-I’m obsessed! Simply position the rubbery-tipped nozzle between two teeth, up at the gum line, then press the trigger.

A burst of air and micro-water droplets cleans 99% of plaque between teeth making your pearly whites even whiter and it massages gums—-it feels like a mini spa treatment for your mouth.

If you can't do a proper cleaning after consuming any teeth-staining foods, give your mouth a good rinse with water or dry brush with a Colgate WISP—-it’s a disposable mini-brush with a breath-freshening bead that doesn’t require any water or rinsing.

A stick of sugarless gum can also be used in a pinch.