This Dentist-Approved Mouthwash Helps Fight and Prevent Gingivitis—and It's Just $15 at Amazon

Oxyfresh alcohol-free mouthwash is clinically proven to help reduce the bad bacteria in your mouth for healthier gums, stronger teeth, and fresher breath.

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When it comes to dental hygiene, you probably already know the basics: brush teeth at least twice a day, floss daily, and rinse with an effective mouthwash when you want fresher breath. However, not all mouthwash is created equal, and when you have inflamed gums and gingivitis—a common gum disease that usually results from poor oral hygiene and causes irritation and swelling of your gums around your teeth—it's especially important to consider what ingredients you're swishing around your mouth.

If you're part of the gingivitis club, you're certainly not alone. In fact, almost half of all adults aged 30 years and older have some sort of gum disease, according to the CDC, which is why it's so important to include a good quality mouthwash in your routine to help prevent and soothe gingivitis. Los Angeles-based dentist and prosthodontist Tzur Gabi, DDS, recommends looking for a gentle, non-burning, alcohol-free rinse, and luckily you can now score a mouthwash for gingivitis that meets Dr. Gabi's guidelines without a visit to your dentist. Enter: Oxyfresh Fresh Breath Lemon Mint Mouthwash, a highly rated, alcohol-free mouthwash at Amazon.

Oxyfresh mouthwash features a fluoride-free formula that includes chlorine dioxide and zinc, which are "effective in reducing plaque and tongue coating accumulation," according to Dr. Gabi. You can also say goodbye to dry mouth thanks to hydrating aloe vera, a natural ingredient that packs a double punch by soothing gums and "preventing viruses, bacteria, and fungi from growing thanks to antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties," he adds. Plus, the mouthwash works to neutralize bad breath with natural xylitol, lemon mint essential oils, and a balanced pH. "Xylitol interferes with the bacteria's metabolic process and thus bacteria are unable to produce plaque," explains Dr. Gabi.

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To buy: Oxyfresh Lemon Mint Fresh Breath Mouthwash, $15;

While you might link the burning sensation of an alcohol-based mouthwash to how well it's working, the rinse can actually have the opposite effect. "The reason I'm a huge proponent of alcohol-free mouthwash comes down to saliva," Dr. Gabi tells Health. "Saliva is a natural form of mouthwash, full of antibacterial properties that are important for gum health and the prevention of gingivitis," he points out. "Rinsing with an alcohol-based mouthwash prevents us from producing as much as we really need." According to Dr. Gabi, alcohol-free rinses, like the Oxyfresh mouthwash, aid in the production of our natural spit, which helps our mouths flush out bacteria.

The combination of natural ingredients and bacteria-fighting power seems to be the key to Oxyfresh's effectiveness. As a 12-month study published in the International Journal of Biomedical and Advance Research shows, Oxyfresh Lemon Mint Fresh Breath Mouthwash is indeed able to reduce plaque and help strengthen gum tissue better than conventional toothpaste and mouthwash brands. Since tooth decay, gum health, and breath freshness are all so closely related, Oxyfresh mouthwash can help prevent future breath issues and soothe gingivitis.

Gingivitis is the first step in the development of more serious gum problems, and getting ahead of the dental plaque that builds up on your gum line is key in preventing periodontitis, a much more severe stage of gum disease that develops when inflamed gums aren't treated properly. Unlike gingivitis, periodontitis is not reversible. According to a study published in the Journal of Periodontology, in the United States alone, 64.7 million adults have developed periodontitis, which can ultimately result in much-dreaded tooth decay. But there's still good news! With a dedicated oral care routine, gingivitis can be easily treated and even completely reversed.

And if you need further proof, look to shoppers who have seen a significant improvement in their oral health after using this mouthwash. One reviewer who has been using Oxyfresh for about 20 years said it was initially recommended by their dentist to fight gingivitis, but they also love it because "it doesn't burn at all" and they can use it consistently, unlike alcohol-based mouthwashes. The fresh taste is a major selling point for another shopper who started using this mouthwash for gingivitis but enjoys "how [their] mouth feels after using it."

A shopper without dental insurance reported that they were dealing with plaque buildup and bleeding gums and were able to take control of their oral health using "this mouthwash, [Oxyfresh] toothpaste, plus flossing three times a day." Now their "breath is 100 times fresher and [their] gums [are] healthier."

Oxyfresh can also help soothe gum discomfort and decrease inflammation, as noted by a customer who said "all pain and irritations went away" after they started using it. "My hygienist was pleasantly shocked at my results," shared another who used to have bothersome gum problems but is now a fan of the lemon mint mouthwash.

Those wanting to target bad breath can also get peace of mind with this product. A shopper whose spouse had a dry mouth and ″mothball breath″ due to a medical condition said "his breath smells 100% better" after using Oxyfresh.

You can't go wrong with an alcohol-free mouthwash that's both backed by science and infused with healing ingredients from mother nature. If you're ready to rinse your way to healthier gums, stronger teeth, and fresher breath, grab a bottle of Oxyfresh mouthwash while it's $15 and still in stock on Amazon.

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