This Fruity-flavored, Organic Toothpaste Is Surprisingly Tasty—and You Can Get It on Amazon

It's like a tropical vacay for your mouth.

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While we may spend $20 on a single cocktail, movie theater ticket, or tube of lipstick without a second thought, it's not as often that we drop that kind of dough on our teeth. Upgrading from my dinky plastic toothbrush to a pricey electric toothbrush was already a splurge (though I'll admit, it was worth it)—but I think I'm OK settling for my usual under-$5 tube of toothpaste. Plus, a toothpaste that is fruit-forward instead of straight-up-mint is blasphemy, right?

Oh, how wrong can a person be? I was recently sent a package containing products from the Lebon Oral Care Collection to try for myself. When I looked it up on Amazon and noticed that some of the toothpaste flavors were priced at $21 a tube, I instantly had my doubts. However, after putting this luxury, organic French toothpaste line to the test, I'm officially a convert—and I'm absolutely willing to pay more than usual for a tube of toothpaste if it means keeping my medicine cabinet permanently stocked with Lebon.

Created by an art historian wife and pharmacist husband duo, Lebon toothpaste is handmade in Grasse—a southern France town that's considered the perfume capital of the world. Free of chemicals and toxic ingredients, it's naturally sweetened with stevia and uses antioxidant green tea and aloe vera to help prevent plaque formation and bacteria growth, while protecting gums and keeping cavities at bay.

Bonus: The Whitening Series—Le White, Fearless Freedom, Rhythm is Love, and more—all contain papaya extract to gently whiten teeth without harming the enamel.

The first thing I noticed when unboxing the Lebon toothpaste was how gorgeous the packaging was.I was blown away by the eye-catching color-blocked tubes—très chic. The gold tubes are so pretty, they deserve to be displayed on your bathroom sink, which will certainly have house guests asking where you got them.

Scooping up the gold and lime green tube labeled Tropical Crush—pineapple mixed with rooibos and mint—my initial thought was, "This is going to be gross." I squeezed some onto my toothbrush and got to brushing. I immediately could taste fresh—wait for it—pineapple, as if I had just taken a juicy bite out of the fruit. It was refreshing, delicious, and completely different from the standard minty pastes I was used to. There was no overwhelming mint taste, and that actually didn't bother me—instead, I felt like I was treating my mouth to an island vacay.

Next up, I tried Lebon's Back to Pampelonne, which combines the sweet, exotic flavor of mango with the freshness of mint (and is part of Lebon's Whitening Series). Guess what? This toothpaste was also shockingly tasty and was the perfect balance of succulent fruit and mint flavor. Who would have thought that combining the two unlikely flavors would be totally genius?

From Tropical Crush to Back to Pampelonne to Sweet Extravagance—a sweet blend of rose, orange blossom, and mint—Lebon toothpaste seriously make brushing your teeth for two minutes, twice daily, way more enjoyable. And if you don't feel ready to give up your classic mint toothpaste just yet, you can still experience Lebon—the Cap Ferrat Mood tube comes in a fresh mint flavor.

Upping my morning and night routine with this delightful French toothpaste has made my mouth feel oh-so-fancy, thanks to the luxurious packaging, natural and organic ingredients, and unique, artisanal blends of flavors. I think we've found the La Mer of oral care!

Health Beauty Director Heather Muir is also a huge fan. "I was actually breaking out on my chin and someone told me it could be an ingredient in toothpaste, so I switched to Lebon, a natural line, and my chin zits cleared up," Muir shares. "I love their travel size, chic packaging, and yummy flavors (which are a nice change from traditional mint)," she adds.

The best news? While it may be pricier than typical pastes, you can find it on Amazon and Prime members get two-day free shipping. Trust me, it's worth every penny.

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