Just one glass of red wine leaves my teeth looking seriously stained, so much so that I have to avoid smiling for the rest of the night. Short of hauling around a toothbrush and toothpaste (my purse is already pretty packed) there didn't seem to be a solution for my dingy grin—until now.

Pout & Polish ($20; helps solve my stain issues and clears up some of the clutter in my purse. This handy little two-in-one tube is part stain remover, part lip gloss. The tooth whitener end is discreet and easy to use, plus it's clinically proven to reduce stains by 38% after six uses. And the polish at the other end is subtle, sheer, and completely goop-free.

I've been toting this tiny tube for the past week and my smile already seems brighter. And after a leisurely dinner with friends—and two glasses of Cabernet—I wasn't afraid to open my mouth for the rest of the evening. I'm left with better breath and a brighter smile, and I no longer have to go mute halfway through a meal. I'm sold.