The Foreo ISSA electric toothbrush is worth every penny.
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Brushing your teeth is something you probably do on autopilot every morning and night: Grab toothbrush, run under water, apply toothpaste, brush, rinse, repeat. And I bet you can't name the exact make and model of your toothbrush. Don't worry, I couldn't either—until I tried the Foreo ISSA Toothbrush ($199 at I've been using it for the last month and a half, and I can honestly say it is 100% worth the money.

I decided to try this toothbrush after my coworker wrote a story about the best electric toothbrushes according to dentists. The ISSA has an innovative silicone head that promises to be "stronger on plaque and still gentle on your gums." I have sensitive gums, have always struggled with bleeding gums and inflammation when I brush my teeth, so I wanted to put Foreo's promise to the test.

When I received the toothbrush, I immediately began to charge it using the included USB. One charge is supposed to last up to 365 uses (roughly 6 months). I've never used an electric toothbrush because my tiny New York City bathroom lacks the sink space to acommodate a charger, so I appreciate this feature (and I'm sure my roommates do too). I simply charged the brush and now store it in the medicine cabinet as you would a normal one.

Brushing my teeth with this style feels like a massage along my gums. You can adjust the speed of the pulses to go faster or slower using the "+" and "-" symbols on either side of the power button. The tapered head makes it easy to target every tooth, and it doesn't feel bulky when I clean my back teeth. Plus, this toothbrush makes me a more diligent brusher. A timer holds me accountable to brush for a full 2 minutes; every 30 seconds, the pulses pause, indicating it's time to move to a different part of the mouth. The first few times I used the ISSA, I expected to spit out blood after brushing for so long, but to my surprise that did not happen.

After using this toothbrush for six weeks, I decided to see how it would feel to go back to a traditional toothbrush. The manual toothbrush felt so rough and uncomfortable, and my gums began to bleed. I went back to the ISSA and plan to stick with it now.

My verdict? The price tag on this toothbrush is worth it if you have sensitive gums or teeth. Plus, you only have to replace the $25 head once a year, and it comes with a travel pouch. It feels like it deep cleans your mouth without hurting or causing irritation—a rare find. Think of the ISSA as the gentler, more powerful version of your manual toothbrush. It's worth the upgrade!