I've Never Been a Fan of Electric Toothbrushes—but This One Changed My Mind and My Smile

It gives me a dentist-clean feeling every time.
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I've never been a fan of the dentist, and that's no fault of the few experts that have examined my teeth over the years. Out of all annual (or in this case, biannual) doctor's visits, it's the one that I dread the most. The sound and feel of the dentist's tools whirling around in my mouth certainly isn't a painful experience, but it is one that brings me some emotional distress. It's for this reason that, even far away from the dentist's chair, I've always shied away from electric toothbrushes.

More recently, as I started to prioritize good dental habits, I began to reconsider my hesitation around high-tech tooth tools. While the American Dental Association says that both manual and electric toothbrushes are effective at removing plaque, I knew that my manual brushing habits weren't that great to begin with. I sped through "happy birthday" in my head, more than likely stopping short of the recommended two minutes, and probably missed a few spots in the process. An electric toothbrush would do the work for me—and that meant by the time my next dental appointment rolled around, I'd be in much better standing with my doctor. Making the switch would be worth it.

So, I landed on Brüush's electric toothbrush, drawn to its simple design and user-friendly features. Its brush heads are made of soft, multi-level bristles (which the ADA says are better than flat-trimmed bristles), and the device has six different levels of vibration: daily, white, gentle, gum, max, and tongue. Its built-in timer very conveniently tells you when you're all set to rinse.

The first time I used the Brüush toothbrush, I was surprised at how much I didn't mind its vibration—in fact, it was kind of refreshing. After 30 seconds, the vibration paused, letting me know to move on to a different section, and it continued at this rate until I hit two minutes, at which point it automatically shut off. This is when it hit me: I definitely hadn't been brushing my teeth long enough before.

White Electric Toothbrush
Credit: Bruush

On occasion, I'll switch up the toothbrush's vibration modes, but typically, I'll just stick with the one intended for daily use. After a full brush, I've noticed that my teeth both look and feel cleaner than before—and after a month of use, they've definitely gotten at least one shade whiter. At $79, Brüush's electric toothbrush is more of a splurge, but if good dental health is a priority, it's one that I think is worth it. The battery lasts a full month before requiring recharging, and brush heads can be ordered on a subscription basis for $6 each. 

I was hesitant to use an electric toothbrush, thinking that it would only remind me of unpleasant visits to the dentist, but Brüush's model showed me that, in this case, a more high-tech tool can make a serious difference. Now, I have no plans of going back to a manual brush.

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