The AuraGlow Teeth Whitening Kit Is Giving People the 'Whitest Teeth of Their Lives'

It's gentle enough for sensitive teeth, receding gums, and root canals.

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Americans have an obsession with obtaining a brighter, whiter smile—and it shows. Teeth whitening is a $1 billion industry with the average professional session estimated to cost nearly $650. While we love our pearly whites, we don't really love the idea of spending a fortune on getting them.

AuraGlow Teeth Whitening Kit

But there's another way to get the smile of your dreams without a visit to the dentist's office: AuraGlow's Teeth Whitening Kit. The powerful at-home treatment has accumulated more than 13,000 perfect ratings from reviewers that say it's removed years of stains from wine, coffee, and cigarettes. Here's what makes it stand out from other options.

Most importantly, the whitening gel is made with 35% carbamide peroxide rather than only hydrogen peroxide like other treatments. It's a combination of urea and hydrogen peroxide, which has been proven slightly more effective at whitening teeth than hydrogen peroxide alone, according to a 2016 study published in Clinical Oral Investigations.

While the dosage might seem high, the carbamide peroxide breaks down to just 10% hydrogen peroxide, which is within the limits previously recommended to Health by Scott Cayouette, DMD, a Charleston-based dentist and fellow in the Academy of General Dentistry. The rest of the ingredients in the USA-made gel are vegan, kosher, and gluten-free, too.

Along with a top-notch whitening formula, the kit comes with a powerful LED light to speed up the whitening process. It's packed with 5 bulbs and has a built-in timer to measure out 10-minute increments so you can opt for the full 30-minute treatment or an express version. Plus, the light is attached to the whitening tray to keep the entire experience hands-free.

Auraglow teeth whitening kit amazon

Each kit comes with enough whitening gel for more than 20 treatments. However, reviewers say their teeth were noticeably whiter with just one treatment and they often had gel leftover after deciding their teeth were white enough. Luckily, reviewers also say the whitening effects last months, if not years, so it'll be a while before your next treatment.

What Customers Say

While the kit has tons of glowing reviews—from people with sensitive teeth, receding gums, and root canals—the true effect of a whitening product is best seen in the before and after photos. Needless to say, this kit has hundreds from customers who couldn't believe the difference in their smiles, with some even reporting the whitest teeth of their lives.

Auraglow Teeth Whitening Kit Before and After

Best of all, the whitening kit costs just $60, a fraction of the price of in-office treatments. Better yet, you can score it for 50% off right now as part of an Amazon Deal of the Day. But you'll have to hurry: The deal ends at 2:55 a.m. EST, taking this unbeatable price with it.

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