Oral Health

Oral health is about more than just pretty white teeth. Poor dental health—in particular gum disease—is linked to a greater risk of heart disease and early labor in pregnancy. The first step to having healthy teeth and gums is to floss and brush your teeth regularly.

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6 Simple Tricks to Keep Your Smile White and Healthy

Who doesn’t want nice, shiny pearly whites? We all love getting compliments on our smile, and are eager to keep our mouth fresh and clean.
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Is It Safe to Whiten Your Teeth with Activated Charcoal Toothpaste?

Will brushing your teeth with activated charcoal toothpaste really help whiten them and lift stains? We asked dentists to weigh in on the increasingly popular trend.
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Best and Worst Foods for Your Teeth

A guide to the foods that stain and erode teeth—and those that can prevent or reverse the damage.
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17 Reasons Why Your Breath Smells Bad

Eating garlic and a lax teeth-brushing routine aren't the only causes of bad breath. Here are 17 common causes of halitosis, and how to freshen up from each.
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The 5 Best Electric Toothbrushes, According to Dentists

Dentists swear by these power toothbrushes to keep their pearly whites fresh and plaque-free. 
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More on Oral Health

The 10 Best Teeth Whitening Pens for Your Brightest Smile Ever

We break down what to look for in your teeth whitening pen, along with the top picks for sensitive teeth, stains, and all-natural formulas.
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Your Ultimate Guide to Getting Whiter Teeth

Dentists weigh in on the best teeth whitening products, including whitening strips, toothpastes, professional treatments, and more.
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