August 03, 2009
  • We all suffer from a little cyberchondria. It’s just too easy to look up symptoms on the Web and assume the worst. But keep in mind that you can’t trust everything you read online—which makes it all the more terrifying that 50% of doctors search Wikipedia for medical information. [NewScientist]
  • We all do lots of little things to check up on our health. We weigh and measure, feel foreheads and pinch belly fat, and peer into eyes and ears and down throats. It's rare, however, that we consult our feet. But those puppies have more to say about your health than you may think! Here, 18 things our feet are trying to tell us. []
  • With all-you-can-eat buffets, poolside bars, and the break from your everyday workout routine, it’s easy to let all the rules fly out the window on vacation. Instead, indulge wisely with these 5 ways to avoid gaining weight on vacation. [FitOrbit]
  • We were bummed when all our favorite peanut butter snacks were recalled in January in the salmonella scare, but better to be safe than sorry. Now, an 11-year-old Australian girl is suing KFC for $10 million, claiming she suffered brain damage after eating a contaminated sandwich. [Times Online]

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