These sisters-in-law cofounded Saalt, a menstrual-cup start-up that aims to elevate period care. Here, they talk inspiration, giving back, and the value of self-care.
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Why did you start Saalt?

Cherie: I learned about menstrual cups when I was looking for something reusable for my aunt who lives in Venezuela and doesn’t have access to pads or tampons. I tried a cup and loved it, and when I told Amber, she quickly became a convert too.

What did you love about menstrual cups?

Cherie: We believe they are a better period experience. They’re more comfortable, and healthier, because the cups are hypoallergenic. They’re also sustainable. Our cups can last up to 10 years.

You donate cups to girls in developing countries. Tell us more.

Cherie: As soon as girls reach puberty age, you see dropout rates skyrocket because they just don’t have access to the period care that they need. So solving that one problem can allow a girl to stay in school and change the trajectory of her life. We also fund girls’ education and sustainability initiatives around the world.

Is there a leadership strategy that has worked especially well for you?

Amber: Our charity mission is really the soul of our company. One of the biggest leadership pieces has been communicating that to our team. The momentum just explodes from there. In a meeting we’ll ask a simple question like “What are you excited about?” and we’ll get this flush of emotion and energy because they are contributing to something they feel so deeply about.

How do you find balance in your own lives?

Amber: If I can exercise somewhere with a view, for some reason that does something incredible for me.

Cherie: I give the first 90 minutes of my day to self-care. I start off with some inspirational reading and journaling and meditation and prayer, and I follow that with exercise and usually an inspirational podcast.

Saalt was sparked by a desire to help women. Any advice for others who want to instigate change?

Amber: One of the lessons we’ve learned is that if there is something you are passionate about, there’s a mass number of people who are going to feel the same way you do. Our advice is to just start somewhere.

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