We asked men to answer questions about the menstrual cycle.

Amazing news: We found a way to make period talk way more fun. Turns out the missing ingredient was a panel of guys whose menstruation IQ is, well, lacking. Let us explain. Here at Health, we’ve gotten into the habit of inviting willing male participants into our video studio to answer questions about different aspects of women’s health (think: pregnancy, the g-spot, the placenta). The results have been so entertaining that we’ve kept coming up with ways to test them on new topics. This time, we’re quizzing them on the menstrual cycle.

To kick off the video above, we asked our guys, “How long is the menstrual cycle?” Their answers ranged from three days (wrong) to one week (also wrong). The menstrual cycle refers to all stages of the process, including when you aren’t bleeding. Since every woman’s body is different, the length of a menstrual cycle can vary. Typically a cycle lasts anywhere from 21 to 35 days.

When we asked the guys to tell us exactly when bleeding occurs, the answers were once again a little off. One of the men thought it only happened on days two and three of a woman’s cycle. Another guessed that bleeding happened during ovulation, AKA when an egg is released from an ovary. Not quite! Bleeding starts on day one of a woman’s menstrual cycle and typically lasts two to seven days. Ovulation occurs about two weeks before a woman’s next period.

Want more? Tune in to the video above to watch our man panel get educated about the menstrual cycle from start to finish.