If you want to have a baby but haven't been able to get pregnant after a year of unprotected sex, you may have a fertility problem. There are many infertility treatments that can help, including ovulation-stimulating drugs, artificial insemination, and in vitro fertilization.

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IVF Embryo Mixup Leaves Two Couples Raising Each Other's Babies: 'It's Still a Daily Struggle' 
Two L.A. couples gave birth to each others' babies after a mixup at their IVF clinic and spent four months raising children that weren't theirs, Alexander and Daphna Cardinale tell PEOPLE.
Male Infertility Treatment Could Be the Key to Cutting Fertility Costs for Families
We as a society avoid talking about infertility—especially male infertility. This stigma is not only decreasing access to valuable family-building services; it's driving up costs, too.
Fertility Treatment Was Too Expensive So I Had Sex With a Friend Instead
Between clinic costs, sperm bank, and Fed-Ex, I would have to pay more than $8,000 to use a known sperm donor of my choosing. So we went the old-fashioned route and had sex instead.
IVF Cost Can Be Astronomical—But There Are Affordable Alternatives
The cost of fertility treatments such as IVF can approach $100K—but there are ways to bring the cost down, including affordable clinics and even "micro" or "mini" IVF.
Women Who Can't Afford IVF Describe 'Shame' Over Turning to Fundraising
With the skyrocketing costs of IVF and other fertility treatments, more and more would-be parents are turning to fundraising sites in hopes of financing their families. But crowdfunding comes with its own costs.
Mosaic Embryo Transfer Could Help Families Save Thousands—Why Are Doctors Avoiding It?
For the millions struggling with infertility, the possibility of implanting mosaic embryos could be a game changer. But what happens when creating life intersects with creating profits—and how can you ensure you don’t fall victim to a doctor or clinic with unscrupulous motives?

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IVF Costs Can Approach $100K—Here's How One Woman Saved Thousands
I never expected that my long-held family attitude of never accepting a sticker price would save me thousands on my IVF treatment and eventually afford me a family. Here are six steps you can take to cut costs on fertility treatments, too.

Emma Roberts Says She Took Her Infertility Issues Personally

In a new interview, Emma Roberts talked about her endometriosis diagnosis and how she felt as though her fertility issues were her own fault.