President Biden Announced That At-Home COVID-19 Tests Will Be Reimbursed—and You Should Add This One to Your List

“The bottom line is this winter, you’ll be able to test for free in the comfort of your home and have some peace of mind.”

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Since the onset of the pandemic, people have counted on COVID-19 tests to help prevent the transmission of the virus. And with the new Omicron variant, tests are continuing to be key in curbing the spread. In an effort to encourage better detection and protection, President Joe Biden announced that over-the-counter at-home COVID-19 tests will now be reimbursed by private insurance companies—this easy-to-use rapid COVID-19 test that's available on Amazon.

Authorized by the Food and Drug Administration under emergency use authorization, the On/Go at-Home COVID-19 test delivers results in just 10 minutes. It's effective at detecting all known variants and is 95% accurate, according to the brand. Each kit comes with two tests, and they're easy to use with the help of the On/Go app, which walks users through each step, from sample collection to results interpretation.

After users download the app and fill in their information, they can set up the test cassette and extraction vile. Once setup is finished, gently insert the swab roughly three-quarters of an inch into your left nostril and swab in circular motions for 15 seconds. Repeat this step for your right nostril. Next, put the swab in the extraction vile and rotate, remove the swab, and close the vile. You can drip a few drops of solution on the test cassette. As soon as the sample is added, follow the remaining instructions of the app and wait for your test results.

The test can be administered to children as young as 2 years old and self-administered for all people age 14 and older. What's more, the kit's instructions come in English and Spanish.

"The bottom line is this winter, you'll be able to test for free in the comfort of your home and have some peace of mind," President Biden said at the National Institutes of Health.

On/Go at-Home COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Self-Test, Test Results in 10 Minutes

To buy: On/Go At-Home COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Self-Test, $35 (was $40);

"After not spending the holidays with family or friends last year, I'm so excited to have a fast, easy and (most importantly) accurate at-home COVID test. On/Go is giving our entire family, especially parents of kids too young to get vaccinated and grandparents, peace of mind to safely celebrate together this year," an Amazon shopper said.

Another reviewer raved about how user-friendly the test was: "I received it in a box and immediately used it because I had a family gathering to go to. I [scanned] the QR code on the side of the box to download the app. Once in the app, I followed the instructions to go through the testing process. It went smoothly. I found the illustrations on the app helpful… The timers on the app tell you how long you're gonna be using the swab and how long you have to wait to get the test results. Overall easy experience." Take precautions this holiday season with the On/Go At-Home COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Self-Test, available on Amazon now.

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