I Even Convinced My Friends to Splurge on Noshinku Hand Sanitizer—Here's Why

The slim, refillable sanitizers smell incredible, too.

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Noshinku Hand Sanitizer

My job has transformed me in countless ways. I've become a leggings snob, a pillow expert, and a sex toy specialist. But when the coronavirus pandemic spread to the U.S. in early 2020, my areas of expertise switched from fitness gear and sleep products to face masks and disinfectants—and I became a hand sanitizer connoisseur overnight. Now after two years of testing dozens of brands, I've discovered the one product that outperforms the rest: Noshinku Hand Sanitizer.

The travel-sized sanitizers caught my attention with their sleek packaging, and I had to test them. Last October, the brand sent over a discovery set of pocket-sized sanitizers in a variety of scents, and I've been hooked ever since. The luxurious experience starts with the unboxing. Not only are they compact enough to hold between your thumb and index finger, but they're incredibly slim (they can actually fit in the pocket of women's jeans). Plus, the exterior is velvety smooth with just enough grip for easy spritzing—and that first spray did not disappoint.

I started with the Bergamot scent, and it immediately transported me to a high-end perfume store (think, Le Labo). The fragrance was light yet powerful with notes of citrus and black pepper; I wanted to bathe in it. I wasn't surprised when I later learned that Noshinku spends years working with perfumers to create its scents—and all the fragrances are natural. Whether you're using the lavender-forward Lavendula or spa-inspired Eucalyptus, you'll have an immediate instinct to just keep spritzing—and compliments from strangers and friends will only fuel that desire.

Noshinku Hand Sanitizer Review

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Of course, the most important part of any sanitizer is the formula itself. Unlike heavy gel sanitizers that dominated the early pandemic days, this spray-on formula is extremely lightweight and quickly absorbs into the skin. But don't mistake that for inefficiency; it still contains 70% ethyl alcohol, meeting the recommended amount set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Yet, even this alcohol is different from other brands. It's sugarcane-derived, which keeps the scent-neutral. That means not only does the added fragrance shine through better, but it doesn't give off the same after wave of tequila or vodka that many formulas do. Plus, it's accompanied by hydrating doses of argan, coconut, rosehip, and jojoba oil, as well as aloe, to ensure it never dries out your hand.

My only complaint is that the slim packaging means each container holds less than an ounce of sanitizer. Luckily, they're refillable and you can order supplies online. This cost-effective option provides nearly six times the product for just $15 more—and you'll definitely want as much of this sanitizer as possible.

I've gotten numerous friends hooked on the hydrating formula and personally keep at least one container in each of my go-to bags (purse, gym, and shopping tote). Despite having an entire drawer filled with other options, I would rather pay for a refill of Noshinku's than use them. You just can't beat the fact that they smell great, look great, and even have a great name (it's a play on the words "no sink" in Japanese).

P.S. I recommend starting with Bergamot.

Noishinku Hand Sanitizer
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