Jennifer Lopez, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Hailey Bieber Are All Fans of This Reusable Face Mask Brand

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We trust celebrity recommendations on everything from anti-aging beauty to the comfiest leggings. And now that face masks are the staple of 2020, A-listers are slowly revealing some of their favorites. Jennifer Aniston's worn Wolven's simple mask, J.Lo opted for Katie May's disco-ball inspired pick, and Katie Holmes stuck with Evolvetogether's disposable design. But one brand that seems to be attracting models, actors, and influencers alike is Masqd.

Based in Los Angeles, Masqd is a women-owned business that creates reusable face masks that have been spotted on tons of stars, including Jennifer Lopez, Sarah Jessica Parker, Vanessa Hudgens, and Bella Hadid. They offer all the fixings you'd want from a face mask—nose wires, soft ear loops, a filter pocket—in stylish designs that look as good as they feel. 

But it's not just the variety of colors and prints that makes these masks a front-runner for celebs. They also come in different styles that suit a range of activities. The Ultra Soft Face Mask ($20; is made from an extra-soft lightweight cotton that's ideal for a quick run to the grocery store. There's also a fitness-focused option—the Ultra Sport Mask ($28;—which is optimized for workouts with a sport mesh exterior for improved breathability and adjustable ear loops for a more secure fit. 

An Anti Viral Mask ($28; rounds out the lineup. It's made with a special textile material finish that claims to inhibit the spread of bacteria and viruses; it was specifically created in response to COVID-19. According to the brand, the treated fabric reduces the prevalence of the virus by up to 97.7% compared to non-treated fabric. Plus, the treatment prevents odors, so you can say goodbye to mask breath.

Masqd Ultra Soft Face Mask in Black on woman with blonde hair
Credit: Masqd

In addition to unisex cloth masks for adults and kids, the brand sells mask chains. Tied with face mask cases for the best mask accessory, chains and lanyards are an easy way to keep track of your mask. In fact, they're actually a "good idea," according to Nabeel Chaudhary, M.D., a board-certified internal medicine and primary care physician at Manhattan Gastroenterology.

The celeb-approved site is also a great place to stock up on face mask filters. Each five-layer filter contains two filter cloths as well as an activated carbon layer to block out 95% of airborne contaminants like gas, dust, pollen, and chemicals. While filters are not as effective as an N95 respirator mask, an increase in filtration layers improves the efficacy of cloth face masks.  

Masqd Ultra Sport Mask on woman with brown hair
Credit: Masqd

And with the latest brief by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggesting a face mask could actually protect the wearer after all—rather than simply stopping the spread of the virus from carriers—there's never been a better time to grab a few more face masks. Even better? Masqd is currently offering 30% off sitewide ahead of Black Friday. So go ahead and channel your inner J.Lo—there's a face mask for that.

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