The 6 Best Lanyards For Face Masks

They can help you keep up with your mask while you're out and about.

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With the presence of COVID-19, people have had to adapt and create new habits—maintaining physical distance from others, trying hard not to touch their faces, and having a mask handy whenever and wherever they are necessary.

As of March 2022, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) mentions that masks should be worn in places where levels of COVID-19 are highest; when individuals are in heavily-populated public areas; and in circumstances where they might get sick or visit someone else who might get very sick from COVID-19.

If you find yourself in one of those situations, having a face mask lanyard can be useful so you don't forget your face covering as you go from place to place.

Why Are Face Mask Lanyards a Good Idea?

When face coverings became a staple in day-to-day life, it may not come as a surprise that people were finding ways to make masks more comfortable and accessorize them with things such as face mask lanyards.

Lanyards for face masks could ensure you leave your mask at home less frequently. Plus, they may help keep your mask accessible so you're not fumbling in your bag or digging into your pocket for it, risking contamination.

"It's a good idea for people who seem to lose their masks when they're out running errands or exercising, and it would definitely be a convenient way for them to keep them on hand at all times," said Nabeel Chaudhary, MD, a board-certified internal medicine and primary care physician at Manhattan Primary Care. Even though they may not encourage people to wear masks, ultimately people who want to protect themselves and others would wear a mask regardless, Dr. Chaudhary added.

The downside is that lanyards could be irritable in the heat. But if that doesn't deter you, Dr. Chaudhary said to opt for something lightweight, so it doesn't pull your mask down and to avoid anything with a heavier material or heavy metal due to strain on your neck. While they're perfectly safe for adults, Dr. Chaudhary recommended being cautious with small children wearing them, since they could be a choking risk or hazard.

Keep scrolling for the best face mask lanyards that make hanging on to a mask super convenient.

SIKFON Face Mask Lanyard

mask lanyard ua adjustable

These lanyards are 28 inches long and can be easily adjusted for a comfortable fit, thanks to the rubber buckle. You'll also get five versatile colorways for the price of one, so you can match your outfit if you feel so inclined.

To buy: SIKFON Face Mask Lanyard, $6 for 5;

AlexKBoutique Face Mask Lanyard

mask lanyard alexkboutique

Made of soft cotton and polyester, these mask lanyards come in a variety of colorful solids and patterns, including a fun 90s-inspired neon cord. One happy customer touted these as "an excellent idea for keeping the mask safely within your reach when not required in an indoor environment or regulated by the government."

To buy: AlexKBoutique Face Mask Lanyard, from $5;

Specialist ID Store Face Mask Lanyard

mask lanyard specialist id store

Lightweight and soft against your skin, reviewers love these mask straps as a way to not lose your face covering, with one shopper calling it the "best investment I have made so far." You get two classic black lanyards, so you can use one for sweaty gym workouts and one for running errands.

To buy: Specialist ID Store Face Mask Lanyard, $8 for 2;

FireflyFeelingBright Face Mask Chain

mask lanyard firefly

This multipurpose, beaded lanyard is fashionable: It features silver lobster claws that can connect to your face mask or your glasses, as some reviewers point out. Additionally, it can help you take your mask off without having to stuff it in your purse or stick it on another surface to risk contagion.

To buy: FireflyFeelingBright Face Mask Chain, from $7;

Hidden Hollow Beads Face Mask Holder Chain

mask lanyard chain

While Dr. Chaudhary did say to avoid heavy metals when deciding on a lanyard, Amazon customers claim that this fashionable chain is surprisingly lightweight yet sturdy, thanks to the stainless steel construction.

To buy: Hidden Hollow Beads Face Mask Holder Chain, $8;

JJCraftsMasks Face Mask Lanyard

mask lanyard jjcrafts

If you don't like the idea of metal clips or hooks rubbing against your skin while wearing a lanyard attached to your face mask, try this grosgrain ribbon strap with silver ring snap fasteners instead. And you can even throw it in the wash on the delicate cycle after using it.

To buy: JJCraftsMasks Face Mask Lanyard, from $5;

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