These KN95 Masks Worn by Anne Hathaway and Jennifer Garner Are Back in Stock

They just got restocked after acquiring their longest waitlist yet.

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) updated its mask guidelines last Friday as COVID-19 cases surged with the rapid spread of the Omicron variant. While the update emphasizes the importance of wearing a mask in general, it also conceded that respirators offer the "highest level of protection" against the disease. That means cloth face coverings are out—unless you're double-masking—and high-filtration like N95s and KN95s are in.

Luckily, the news is well-timed with the restock of evolvetogether's KN95 Face Masks. With celeb fans ranging from Jennifer Garner to Anne Hathaway, Hollywood's go-to face mask brand delivers high-quality face coverings in chic neutral shades. Recognizable by the brand's logo stamped across every design, the disposable mask became a popular pick during the pandemic and regularly sold out. And after acquiring the longest waitlist yet, per the brand's Instagram, the A-lister favorite is finally delivering a fresh batch of product.

While the everyday medical masks are also highly sought after, the recent restock is all about the KN95 respirator. The Chinese equivalent of the N95 face mask, the high-filtration mask is regulated by the Chinese government to meet certain filtration requirements. Previously authorized by the Food and Drug Administration for emergency use, KN95 masks have become a popular alternative to N95 masks, which were previously not recommended by the CDC for non-healthcare settings. [Editor's Note: The CDC has since clarified only surgical respirators need to be reserved for healthcare settings.]

Similar to N95 masks with NIOSH-approval, any KN95 should meet the China National Mandatory Standard GB 2626-2019. These guidelines ensure the respirators block at least 95% of particles. The evolvetogether KN95 meets these requirements through six layers of material, including two meltblown filters and an odor-absorbing charcoal layer.

KN95 Evolvetogether Restrock
Evolve Together

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Despite several layers of protection, the design stays dry and comfortable with the help of moisture-absorbing inner layers. It also features an adjustable nose wire for a more secure fit and a water-resistant exterior layer for added durability. Plus, the fabric is hypoallergenic and latex-free to reduce the risk of irritation, especially for those with skin sensitivities.

Sold in packs of five, the breathable designs come in unexpected shades like khaki and army green, as well as classic black (aka the option Anne Hathaway selected for a formal December outing). You can also opt for a variety pack of 15 masks, which saves you 10% and ensures you have a small stock on hand when it's time to swap out your KN95 face mask for a replacement.

Regardless of your final choice, be sure to put your order in quickly. These masks are still in high demand, especially with the latest CDC guidelines, and likely to sell out again. Save time by shopping our curated selection, below.

KN95 Evolvetogether Restrock
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KN95 Evolvetogether Restrock
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KN95 Evolvetogether Restrock
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