Her son was infected while in the hospital a week earlier, she confirmed.

By Taylyn Washington-Harmon
October 07, 2020

Casey "Quigley" Goode of American Idol fame revealed that her newborn son, Maximillian Vaughn, tested positive for coronavirus early Saturday morning.

"This has been a total shock to us," Goode wrote in a deeply personal Instagram post. After taking Max to the ER with a fever, she continued, she found out that he was exposed to COVID-19 by a medical professional who cared for him the week before.

Goode is currently quarantining with baby Max and has yet to show any symptoms, she said. "Please send good energy to our little bub so he recovers fast. Not sure what happens next from here... but I expect to be offline for a while as we recover. ❤️"

According to the CDC, most COVID-positive newborns had mild or no symptoms and recovered, though some had experienced severe COVID-19 illness. The youngest person to contract coronavirus tested positive for the disease 30 hours after birth, Health previously reported.

Max was born on September 18 about three weeks early at 37 weeks, according to Goode, requiring him to stay in the newborn intensive care unit (NICU) for a week. Goode initially had planned to give birth at home but rushed in the hospital when she couldn't feel her baby's movements.

Goode shared an update via Instagram Stories on Tuesday that she and Max remain isolated and he has been "on and off oxygen" and no longer has a fever."Thanks for all of the love everyone! I feel it!!!" she signed off.

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