The Best Kids' Face Masks to Help Stop the Spread of COVID-19

Cute and comfortable KN95, N95, and disposable masks that your little ones will actually want to wear. 

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, wearing a face mask became an important key to protecting oneself and others from spreading COVID-19—even in the case of children. While older individuals and those with pre-existing medical conditions (think certain respiratory conditions, diabetes, heart disease) appear to be more vulnerable to becoming severely ill with the virus, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), kids can readily spread the infection to others unknowingly, since they typically have less serious symptoms.

Plus, as of spring 2022, COVID-19 vaccinations are only recommended for those over the age of 5, leaving younger children unprotected. "Children are less likely than adults to have severe illness or even show symptoms of COVID-19 such as fever, cough, or shortness of breath," said Sachin Nagrani, MD, medical director of Heal. Because kids infected with COVID-19 are less likely to have these tell-tale symptoms, they can unknowingly transmit the virus to others, added Dr. Sachin.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advises children over the age of 2 to wear a mask "indoors in public where the COVID-19 community level is high." Just a reminder: the CDC is constantly updating its information as they learn more regarding COVID-19. Also worth noting: Children younger than 2-years-old should not wear face coverings because of suffocation risk, but they can be protected by ensuring others around the child are wearing masks, noted Dr. Sachin.

With children in school and daycare, it's important to take precautions to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Wearing a face mask, especially in high-risk communities, is one of these precautions. If it is recommended that your child wear a face mask, the same guidelines regarding fit and fabric quality as masks for adults apply: They should fit comfortably, covering the nose and mouth completely.

The CDC notes that respirators, such as N95s, are generally used for adults in the workplace, and "have not been tested for broad use in children." In addition, the CDC states, "If your child has a hard time breathing, gets dizzy, or has other symptoms while you are trying to get the mask to fit better or when using an ASTM F3502 mask or a respirator, choose a regular cloth or disposable mask."

It's no secret that kids can be picky, and it's possible your little one may even refuse to wear a mask at some point or another. What to do then? Dr. Sachin recommended wearing a mask while looking in the mirror and talking to your child about it. You can also make or decorate masks that are personalized and fun, have a stuffed animal wear a mask, or show your child pictures of other children wearing masks, suggested Dr. Sachin. "The goal is to make wearing a mask feel normal for your child or teen."

With so many face masks for kids out there, it can be overwhelming to choose one that's up for the task, but luckily we did the homework for you. Ahead, the best kids' face masks that are comfy, breathable, and that your child will actually want to wear, according to super enthusiastic reviews from parents.

MISSAA Kids KN95 Tie-dye Disposable Mask

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This 5.4-by-6.8-inch children's KN95 mask features five layers of protection, wide ear loops for comfort, and a flexible wire noseband to better contour to the face and to prevent fogging while wearing glasses. It's available in several fun prints, including tie-dye, polka dots, and ships. Multiple shoppers reported that their kids have received compliments on the masks and actually enjoy wearing them.

"This is an awesome value and price for 30 masks. My kids love the tie-dye style and they are so soft and the elastic is extremely comfortable for all-day wear," raved one Amazon shopper. "Other masks I have purchased irritated behind my 7-year-olds ears so badly she had red marks after school. These are protective and lightweight material and very breathable. They were packaged very well. They fit all my kids perfectly. Ages 7 to 15 so they definitely fit most age ranges. Very pleased and highly recommend these masks."

TopLad Kids Disposable Dinosaur Face Mask

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A cute, breathable, and lightweight mask—what more could you want for your little one? TopLad's face covering is made of four layers of woven yet protective fabric—with an inner layer of comfy cotton. The mask's 3D design also redirects airflow to prevent your kiddo's glasses from fogging. It measures 8.11-by-3.3 inches and is made to fit the face as closely as possible.

​"Loved the quality and fit nicely. My lil one is comfortable with it," one Amazon shopper said.

AMXUS High Filtration Kids Mask

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Not only are these masks super fun and cute, but they're soft and breathable, too, thanks to the four layers of soft non-woven fabric. They have stretchy over-the-ear straps, and come with an assortment of designs. From spaceships to unicorn cats, there's a mask that is bound to suit your little one's preference every day.

"My 5-year-old has no problem wearing these, they fit her face well and she keeps them on all day with no complaints," one parent wrote.

Dsane Disposable Face Masks

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These 5.7-by-3.7 inch face masks are made of breathable and lightweight non-woven fabric. The inner layer is soft and skin-friendly, and the ear loops are stretchy so you can count on it not irritating any ears. If your child is bored of their usual masks, this set of 100 comes in five fun colors, ranging from dark blue to red. Plus, it has nearly 1,600 five-star ratings.

"I was looking for a disposable mask for my kid since I will be putting him in daycare. Knowing how kids are with misplacing their masks, I've opted for disposable masks rather than the fabric masks because they are more affordable," one Amazon shopper wrote. "So glad I have found these because the colorful masks enticed my kid to excitedly pick a color every morning for daycare. The mask and elastic fits him perfectly and it is breathable."

ELLIEHOUSE Disposable Spiderman Face Masks

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Made with a Spider-Man print, these adorable face masks will have any superhero-loving child over the moon. It's made with three layers to filter out viral particles and block droplets. It's also super comfortable thanks to the stretchy ear loops and adjustable nose bridge, making this mask ideal for school or a trip to the playground.

"I purchased the Spider-Man face mask for my 5 yr old son. His school requires a face mask and was looking for one that he will enjoy wearing to school," said one Amazon customer. "I wasn't sure if these were going to be a great buy after reading some of the reviews which some said that the loop easily comes or rips off. Well, they arrived and [I] took one and [pulled] the loop with regular strength to see if they come off easily and for me it seems that they are durable. The next day my son put on his mask with his own strength pulling the loops around his ears and the loops didn't rip. Want to point out that they are thin but very soft and look durable for all day. He loves and enjoys wearing these Spiderman masks."

Wwdoll Kids KN95 Mask

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This five-layer respirator offers peace of mind with its high filtration efficiency of 95%. Unlike other masks that can slip down easily, this KN95 doesn't and is held up by a sponge nose clip, which prevents the mask from sliding even as your children play. For a more custom fit, adjust the ear loops and nose clip.

One happy parent wrote, "These fit my nine year old's face very well, shaped well for comfortable coverage, got adjustable straps, a metal nose clip, and a soft pad on the inside around the nose, for a top level fit. Also the varied colors are nice."

WeCare Disposable Face Masks for Kids

kids face mask wecare

While they're not as sustainable (or reusable at all, in fact) as the other kids' face masks on this list, they offer similar features, which have earned them their impressive rating on Amazon. Lightweight and breathable, these face coverings have three protective layers, an adjustable nose wire, and come individually sealed—meaning, they'll stay clean and intact when stashing them in your purse, car, or kid's backpack. Multiple reviewers said they stick these disposable masks in their kids' backpacks as spares, and one went as far as to say that the tie dye print is much cuter than other plain and cheesy patterned masks they've found.

"These masks fit both of my kids (6 & 9) comfortably," shared a parent. "They don't have a weird smell and they hold up the whole school day. I love that they are individually wrapped so I can stick a few in each backpack and not worry about them getting dirty or ripped. Highly recommended!"

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