The 6 Best Hand Sanitizer Wipes Available to Shop Right Now

And they all have the CDC-recommend amount of at least 60% alcohol.

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Coronavirus isn't going away anytime soon, and as a result, sanitation standards have hit an all-time high. Face masks, keychain touchtools, and safety goggles have all become handy must-have accessories in 2020—but hand sanitizer easily tops the list. The next best option to washing your hands, it kills 99.9% of germs to help protect you from COVID and other viruses.

While most hand sanitizers come in a liquid spray or gel form, hand sanitizer wipes are a great on-the-go option that can also be used to clean surfaces like cell phones, door knobs, and shopping carts. The disposable cloths are pre-soaked in a concentrated sanitizing solution for a no-mess approach to staying clean. Available in both single-use and multi-packs, they're also a top option for trapping and removing visible dirt from hands (something regular hand sanitizers can't do).

Although the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) doesn't recommend a specific alcohol level for hand sanitizer wipes, its website advises using a hand sanitizer with an alcohol concentration ranging from 60 to 95%. This high concentration of alcohol is necessary because it's the key component in killing or deactivating viruses—and, understandably, your wipes' formula should also be within this suggested range.

If hand sanitizer wipes seem like the handy alternative your sanitation routine has been missing, you're not alone. Unfortunately, they're still difficult to find online and haven't been manufactured or restocked at the same pace as liquid or gel formulas. Not to mention, many hand sanitizer wipes advertised online don't actually contain alcohol.

That's why we scoured the web to find the best hand sanitizer wipes with alcohol-based formulas still available to shop. Below, we break down the perks of each wipe to help you discover the right option for your lifestyle.

Here are the 6 best hand sanitizer wipes:

1. Best Unscented: ArtNaturals Sanitizing Wipes

Amazon Alcohol Wipes
Dirty hands are no match for these plant-based wipes, which pack a powerful combination of 75% antiseptic alcohol and soothing glycerin. The unscented wipes leaves your hands feeling hydrated and squeaky clean without any sticky residue. Each pack comes with 50 wipes and can be purchased in packs of 3 on Amazon. Amazon

Dirty hands are no match for these plant-based wipes, which pack a powerful combination of 75% antiseptic alcohol and soothing glycerin. The unscented wipes leaves your hands feeling hydrated and squeaky clean without any sticky residue. Each pack comes with 50 wipes and can be purchased in packs of 3 on Amazon.

Available at, pack of 150 for $22

2. Best Singles: Yoobi Hand Sanitizer Wipes

Amazon Alcohol Wipes

You'll never have to worry about your wipes drying out with this set of 24 individually wrapped packets. Easy to rip open, each package holds one sanitizing wipe that's large enough to clean 2 adult hands. It's packed with 70% ethyl alcohol to sanitize, as well as glycerin and panthenol to soothe skin. You'll love that they have a light scent—described as "nice" by one Amazon reviewer—and that the brand gives back by matching each purchase with a school supply donation to a U.S. child in need.

Available at, 24 wipes for $15

3. Best Resealable: Kerrie's Counter Hand Sanitizer Wipes

Amazon Alcohol Wipes

Soaked in a 75% ethyl alcohol solution, these sanitizing wipes are durable enough to clean up messes yet soft enough that they won't irritate sensitive skin. They're sold in packs of 50 wipes with a resealable plastic clip that prevents them from drying out between uses. Great for gym bags, cars, or public transit, they're expected to arrive a couple weeks after placing your order.

Available at, 200 wipes for $40

4.Most Affordable: Honest Company Alcohol Wipes

Honesty Company Alcohol Wipes in resealable package in boue

Jessica Alba co-founded Honest Company to help consumers find non-toxic, clean products for their homes—and the brand's alcohol wipes achieve that. They contain just 3 ingredients; 65% alcohol, glycerin, and aloe extract. But more important are the ingredients they're crafted without, including fragrance, chlorine, parabens, or phenoxyethanol. Each pack contains 50 wipes and has a secure plastic closure to keep them fresh and wet.

Available at, 50 wipes for $7

5. Most Potent: FG Clean Wipes Lint-Free Alcohol Wipes

Amazon Alcohol Wipes

These individually wrapped sanitizer wipes are made with a potent 96% isopropyl alcohol, making them ideal for cleaning and removing dust, dirt, and other contaminants from hard surfaces. Each pre-saturated wipe measures 4-by-3 inches and is made with a durable polyester fabric that won't rip or tear when wiping. While their potency won't make them ideal for use on skin—the high alcohol concentration can burn scratches or other breaks in the skin—they are ideal for wiping down surfaces or items in public spaces.

Available at, 60 wipes for $17

6. Best Made in USA: Angel Tree Products 70% Alcohol Sanitizing Wipes

Etsy Hand Sanitzing Wipes in blue and white package

If you need strong, durable, multi-purpose wipes, look no further than Angel Tree's premium wipes. Manufactured in the U.S.A., they're made with 70% isopropyl alcohol and 30% filtered water. You won't find fragrance or bleach in the ingredient list, which makes them a top pick for electronics and hard surfaces, as well as your hands.

Available at, 50 wipes for $12

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