The 7 Best Face Masks for Glasses, According to Editors Who Swear by Them

We dealt with days of glasses fog, so you don’t have to.

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As one of the best practices to prevent the spread of coronavirus, face masks have become a staple during the pandemic. The cloth coverings reduce the risk of droplets spreading from infected people to others and can help protect wearers, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. And with the rapid spread of the Delta variant, the protective measure is just as important as ever, even if you're vaccinated against COVID-19.

Of course, we'll be the first to admit that not all face masks are equally comfortable, breathable, or effective. The search to find the best face mask can take months—or even longer if you wear glasses. That's because hot breath escaping from the face mask causes lenses to fog, making them borderline useless. And it's not a problem limited to prescription spectacles: Sunglasses are just as likely to have the issue.

While clever hacks are a short-term way to prevent the issue—like wearing a Band-Aid on your nose or applying an anti-fog spray—the best way to stop it altogether is by investing in the best face mask for glasses.

These are the best face masks for glasses, according to shopping experts:

Most designs have an adjustable nose wire that prevents hot air from reaching your lenses. This not only keeps your glasses fog free, but ensures a secure fit against the face, as recommended by the CDC. Another way to minimize fog is opting for a design with a cylindrical shape that allows for more breathing room, so each breath cycle isn't automatically displacing air. For example, the KF94 masks imported from Korea have a more beak-like shape that doesn't hug the face.

Of course, the best way to know if a face mask reallyworks with glasses is through first-hand experience. That's why we reached out to Health's team of shopping experts to find what masks make the cut based on first-hand experience. Below, editors share the best face masks for glasses and rate just how effective their favorite design is for preventing fog.

Best Disposable: Evolvetogether Face Masks

face masks

Expert Wears: Glasses once a week

Used for: 7 months

Anti-Fog Rating: 4/5

Pros: Ultra soft fabric

Cons: Variety packs sell out quickly, not sustainable

"I used to wear contacts daily, but my work-from-home lifestyle during the pandemic led me to ditch daily lenses for glasses at least once a week. At first, I tried to wear my glasses with reusable masks, but I could only find two cloth masks that didn't totally fog up my glasses. My world changed when evolvetogether sent over these celeb-approved disposable masks. The adjustable nose wire perfectly hugged my nose, so my dragon breath didn't fog up my classes. Plus, the breathable design didn't make me sweat, and the ultra soft fabric used to create the three-layer mask wasn't stiff like other disposable designs. I actually… liked wearing the mask? Plus, it still offered three layers of protection and was durable enough to last through multiple wears. It almost goes without saying, but I always keep a supply on hand." — Braelyn Wood, health and wellness ecommerce lead

Best Water-Repellent: Wolford Classic Mask

face masks

Expert Wears: Sunglasses daily

Used for: 9 months

Anti-Fog Rating: 3/5

Pros: Washable, comfortable ear straps, water-repellent exterior

Cons: Adjustable nose wire could be less rigid

"You can fit the mask to your face by adjusting two nose pieces, and it always holds its shape all day. It never leaves creases on my face and never causes my sunglasses to fog up either." (Editor's Note: It's also been worn by Jennifer Aniston and Adele.) — Maggie O'Neill, Health assistant editor

Best Multipack: Tommie Copper Community Wear Face Masks

face masks

Expert Wears: Glasses about 80% of the time

Used for: One year

Anti-Fog Rating: 4.5/5

Pros: Breathable, adjustable straps

Cons: Nose piece lifts glasses off face (resolved with extra adjustments)

"These masks are secure, which is something I truly appreciate. I often have a hard time finding face masks that aren't too big and actually fit my face, so the adjustable straps and nose piece are great additions. Once I adjust the mask to the fit I like, it legit doesn't move, and I can easily wear it for an extended period of time without ever having to adjust it. This is yet another reason why I like wearing these masks, as that locked-in-place feeling means I can wear my glasses without any issues. My glasses don't fog up, and I don't have to worry about them falling out of place—so I also avoid having to touch my face when I'm out and about. The masks are soft, too, which is yet another bonus." — Jennifer Maldonado, ecommerce editor

Best KN94: Flexmon Korea Black Disposable KF94 Face Masks

face masks

Expert Wears: Glasses or sunglasses daily

Used for: 13 months

Anti-Fog Rating: 4/5

Pros: Individually packed, four layers of protection

Cons: Doesn't hug face as well as KN95 masks

"After months of going outside wearing a mask only to have my glasses fog up, I was finally turned onto these KF94 masks. Unlike the previous cloth face masks I had been using, these create a larger gap between your lips and the material, helping to prevent all the air from immediately escaping. And thanks to the adjustable nose bar, I'm dealing with far fewer leaks, so my glasses finally aren't fogging up." — Amy Schulman, Amazon ecommerce writer

Best Adjustable: Hedley & Bennett The Wake Up & Fight Mask

face masks
Hedley & Bennett

Expert Wears: Glasses most days

Used for: 6 months

Anti-Fog Rating: 4/5

Pros: Adjustable ear straps and noise piece, holds filter

Cons: Less breathable, slight gapping

"I went through many ill-fitting masks before coming upon Hedley & Bennnett's 'Wake Up & Fight' version. I love how they have a metal nose insert that keeps air from blasting up my frames and that the adjustable ear straps ensure a tight fit. They aren't a *complete* suction since they're made with fabric, so I do feel a little bit of air coming in from the sides. But I still feel protected while wearing them, especially when I add a filter!"— Katie Macdonald, senior food ecommerce writer

Best Cotton: Baggu Fabric Mask Set Loop

face masks

Expert Wears: Glasses about 90% of the time

Used for: 6 months

Anti-Fog Rating: 5/5

Pros: Fun patterns, ultra soft cotton fabric, double-layered

Cons: Expensive, optional filters not included

"I love the Baggu mask because it has a wire in the nose bridge that actually works. It's pliable enough that I can secure it just how I need it—without any space for air to get out and fog my glasses—but still stiff enough that it stays in place after many wears and washes. The masks are also a bit far away from my mouth, so it doesn't feel like my lips are always directly touching a piece of fabric. Plus, it gives me space to breathe. Lastly, the masks come in such fun colors and patterns. I love planning my outfit around them, and I get compliments on them all the time!" — Megan Mowery, branded ecommerce writer

Most Stylish: Kitsch Cotton Face Mask

face masks

Expert Wears: Sunglasses daily

Used for: 6 months

Anti-Fog Rating: 4/5

Pros: Chic prints, affordable

Cons: Needs wash after each use

"Before discovering Kitsch masks, I pretty much only stuck to disposable ones. These won me over because they're lightweight, breathable, and don't cause fogging (even on a super hot NYC day). They also come in cute prints and colors that make my mask feel like part of my outfit." — Rebecca Shinners, Health senior social media editor

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