The 9 Best Thermometers You Can Buy Online Right Now, According to Customer Reviews

These top-rated picks will be helpful long after the pandemic.

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A thermometer is a medicine cabinet essential that you should always have on hand—especially during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The handy tool monitors your body temperature to see if it's within normal range. This information can be helpful for tracking changes in your body, like whether you're fighting an illness or infection, and can even signify ovulation in women.

These are the nine best thermometers of 2022, according to customer reviews.

For this reason, your top priority when purchasing a thermometer should be finding one that's accurate and provides consistent readings. It should also be fast-acting—especially for kids and toddlers—and easy to clean if inserted into the mouth or rectum. Select designs also color code readings to indicate a fever (which is a temperature higher than 99.5 degrees Fahrenheit in adults, according to the National Health Institute) or use advanced infrared technology to get a no-contact reading.

Additionally, it's important to purchase a thermometer based on your desired purpose. If you plan to use the thermometer on a newborn, it's better to choose options that consistently monitor the infant or can be inserted into the rectum. Anyone planning to use a thermometer for fertility planning needs one that offers the most precise readings. Luckily, there are plenty of top-rated thermometers available for every situation.

Read on to discover the nine best thermometers—including designs for babies, kids, and ovulation tracking—that you can buy on Amazon right now.

1. Best Overall: iHealth No-Touch Forehead Thermometer

Amazon Smart Thermometer

This best-selling thermometer uses three infrared sensors to read 100 different data points on your forehead without direct contact. A special algorithm then combines the data to give an accurate temperature reading in seconds—and it even takes into account environmental factors. Already a favorite of almost 88,000 Amazon shoppers, its design is easy to use thanks to a streamlined one-button functionality and a bright LED screen with extra-large text.

Available at, $20

2. Best Forehead: Ankovo Touchless Thermometer

Amazon Thermometers

Get clinical accuracy from the comfort of your home with this no-contact thermometer that's already impressed more than 6,400 people. It uses laser sensor readings, field distance, and temperature compensation to read either body or object temperature in just one second. Reviewers say you "can't go wrong" with its easy-to-use design, which also has a mute button for silent readings on sleeping offspring. You can also access up to 35 previous readings—just don't forget to stock up on AAA batteries.

Available at, $14

3. Best Ear: Braun Digital Ear Thermometer

Amazon Thermometers

You've probably seen a Braun thermometer in your doctor's office before—and there's a reason why. The popular brand creates products that are not only accurate but designed with users in mind. For example, this ear-based thermometer comes with a pre-warmed tip to make temperature readers more comfortable and accurate (because it won't make the eardrum cooler upon contact). Plus, it has a special sensor system that beeps once the thermometer is in the correct position to ensure you're using it correctly. Needless to say, more than 8,000 people are impressed including a pediatric nurse who calls it their go-to baby shower gift.

Available at, $36 (was $50)

4. Best Oral: Boncare Digital Oral Thermometer

Amazon Thermometers

Almost 14,500 shoppers gave this waterproof thermometer a perfect rating, and it's already earned the top spot on Amazon's list of best-selling oral thermometers. Its simple design includes a flexible tip that can be used under the armpit or tongue to give a precise reading for babies, kids, and adults. The most affordable pick on the list, it has an automatic shutoff feature and works in just 10 seconds.

Available at, $7 (was $8)

5. Best Rectal: FridaBaby Quick-Read Digital Rectal Thermometer

Amazon Thermometers

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends using a rectal thermometer on infants younger than a year for the most accurate reading. This popular pick with more than 1,400 perfect ratings has a flexible tip that gently slides into the bum. Unlike other designs, its tip is shortened to prevent parents from accidentally inserting too far. Each reading takes just 10 seconds and displays on a brightened LCD screen perfect for dark rooms, like the baby's nursery.

Available at, $15

6. Best for Babies: Vava Smart Baby Thermometer

Amazon Smart Thermometer

Monitor your baby's temperature in real-time with this advanced wireless smart thermometer. It comfortably adheres to the skin with a gentle silicone patch that fits under your infant's armpit. Once applied, it relays the reading to the "smart base" and tracks for drastic spikes or decreases in temperature. Abnormal readings trigger an "alert" with an alarm and a flashing LED screen, so you know when it's time to call the doctor. While new parents raved about their "peace of mind," other reviewers, without kids, also couldn't get enough of the innovative and easy-to-clean design.

Available at, $60 (was $80)

7. Best for Kids: iProven Ear and Forehead Thermometer for Kids

Amazon Smart Thermometer

Squirming kids are no match for this digital thermometer, which uses infrared technology to measure body temperature from the forehead or ears (for a more exact reading) in just one second. A quick beep plays when the temperature is displayed and flashes either green or red to indicate a fever. Already a popular pick with more than 3,900 perfect reviews, the battery-operated thermometer can even store the last 20 readings and comes with a handy carrying bag.

Available at, $24

8. Best for Ovulation: Femometer Vinca

Amazon Smart Thermometer

Illness isn't the only reason to keep a thermometer on hand—your temperature can be used to track your ovulation for family planning. This high-precision pick connects to your phone via Bluetooth to keep track of your daily temperatures to narrow down when your most fertile window is. An alarm reminds you to take your temperature at the same time every day—a key part of compiling the data—then automatically syncs the info to the app. The app then uses that data to predict your daily conception rate. As a result, reviewers say it's not only a useful choice for planning a pregnancy, but avoiding one, too.

Available at, $40

9. Most Accurate: Withings Thermo

Withings Smart Thermomter with Smart Bluetooh App and tracking

Everything in your home is getting a smart upgrade, so why not your thermometer, too? This high-end pick has 16 different infrared sensors that take over 40,000 measurements from the temporal artery to provide the most accurate readings on the market. Plus, it doesn't require direct contact with the skin. After displaying your temperature reading on the LED screen, it sends the info to the Bluetooth-connected app, which can be used to track the temperature readings of up to 8 different people along with their symptoms and medications. The app even provides helpful health advice from Boston's Children's hospital. It's no wonder so many reviewers are calling it "worth the investment" and the "best thermometer ever."

Available at, $99

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