4 Tricks for Avoiding Travel Sickness

There’s nothing worse than feeling less than 100% when you finally embark on an exotic trip. Whether you’re settling in for some R&R on a far-away beach or hiking your way through rural hills, the last thing you need is to get sick from consuming contaminated water abroad. But it’s hard to know exactly how to avoid it in another country, especially when you add different customs and languages into the mix.

Luckily there are ways you can avoid drinking unsafe H2O so you don’t come down with something when you’re away. All it takes is some smart sipping (and eating!) to stay healthy during your vacation. Curious how to stay free of sickness on your trip? In this video, we’re sharing four healthy tricks for steering clear of contaminated water—and the unwanted illnesses it can spread—while traveling. Happy exploring!

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Use bottled water: Always drink bottled water and don’t consume H2O from opened bottles at restaurants.

Purify water: If you can’t find bottled water anywhere, use iodine pills to decontaminate tap water. Simply throw the capsule in your glass, then pour the tap water in. Avoid using iodine if you’re pregnant or have thyroid problems. Instead, try chlorine pills as an alternative.

Avoid salads: It may sound like a counterintuitive health tip, but it’s actually a better idea to avoid salads in developing countries, since raw vegetables are likely to have been rinsed in tap water. To reduce your risk of illness, opt for cooked veggies instead.

Bring a prescription antibiotic: Before you leave for your trip, ask your doctor about what to do if you get sick while abroad. Take the appropriate prescription meds with you when you go, just so you’re prepared.

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