Infectious Diseases, Explained

Caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other organisms, infectious diseases range from mild to life-threatening. They can be spread from person to person, transmitted by insects or animals, or picked up through contaminated food. Many can be prevented with vaccines.

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Seattle Coronavirus Cases Beginning to Slow After Strict Stay-at-Home Measures

The city had the first reported case of the virus in the U.S., and has since been able to reduce the spread, early data shows
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16 Celebrities Who Have Tested Positive for Coronavirus

From Tom Hanks to Prince Charles, here are some of the most well-known victims of COVID-19.
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People With Asthma Have a Higher Risk of Coronavirus Complications—Here's What to Know

COVID-19 takes a toll on the lungs, and there's a shortage of "rescue" inhalers in some places because of the pandemic. Here's how to stay safe.
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More Infectious Diseases

I'm Pregnant in a Coronavirus Containment Zone And Here's What My Life is Like

My family and I moved to New Rochelle just before it turned into a containment zone because of the coronavirus. I've lived in fear of any of us testing positive. And now, less than a month before my due date, I'm also scared my husband won't be by my side as I give birth.